Something to Lose

March 06, 2018

If you would use their services, have something of proof to lose,

A star, a heap of money or a roarer reputation

That’s the proper stuff, the collateral guff the sky-high flier guys

Will prize, and let you open

Astute transactions, on account - and just regaling say

‘Welcome, come in, and how are you?; salute, toyou good day,

How might we help

Ourselves increase our wealths’, and you, goon-like, condoning

Will gliby say in door-to-door shoe-salesman way: ‘I’m honing

A knockout deal down South that yields’ - intoning

A little lickerishly, jaw dropped and chortle-spoken -

‘A scoop that loots the world; all flags unfurls; a jamboree

Of yields bringing to heel affected reservation;

Come buy, come buy’

Your song sung operatic, large, asseverative

Showers confidence, sheer insolence of pertinacity;

No fear nor variance well-assures pre-calculation

Nor no regard to risk

Brave in your aims to frisk your whilom merry captors

These raptors whose blue short fuse you so choose to fire

With greenback touch paper; close hardnose lissome dudes

Line baiting

Clandestine all the while cast out a fiscal reel for you

Angling their Nile, they strew, you crocodile, dreams providential;

Shall haul you in, hang high and dry, comestitcise your entrails

Your depredated corse

Delicatess your body-parts, stew plates of deviled kidneys

Fine ground in great varieties to go through peppermills

You pauper of diverse tears; their bonbons pastrified, and wine of course

With crupper-luscious sauces,

Nor consternations nor civility avail, relieve, apprise you,

Bigger the game, the hunter-gatherer all the better so

Sluises the juices, camoflages your awaiting trap-snap

You’ve bought into

‘Connival of the basest’ feeds this ‘victual refection’

Darlings, they would be Darwins, loving tooth and claw

Squat Alexanders (a little piqued before their captive pirate);

But yet, too big for judgement

Calloused Raskolnikovs’ with brows of armoured consequence

Hardened steel ten inch thick in concrete soundly sunk

Broken by no assault, expedience, but betimes the bitter bullet

Of Jesus’ wounds

‘Zounds!’ Was that exclamation oldentimes; a gasp

Of rocked astonishment fret-worked to jerk animadversion

Make sober who was drunk on limber Champaigne pleasures

And bandied egos

Only the Lord, The Holy One might supervene in-coming

Enter their brasen hearts, declare them flimsy gimcrack louns

Sear loot-assaulted souls and bear them arching crucified

Healthwise or hellwardbound

Their haunts, procilvities, present to them as local gyves

Whom as like Mephistopheles maintain hell as their muse;

Contained, sustain perdition’s flamed exquisite livid frictions

At work within, djinns, stirrups, to their jaundice

So reared up regnant worthless pathologic actors

Bestially barren creatures, would be world commanders

Whose make-and-shape excuses execrate them grace-confounded;

We are feres, their drays

Hauling toils beneath like cattle, moved as master-gamers’ pieces,

Played something ruthless, the serpent’s nether-darkness game

Caught in a loam of status quo of downwards influence

Entailed to disinherit

Only the Lord, again, is able, willing, that by him

Our lives may be released, increased abundantly

We blasted mites might light up, raised do reverence:

A contemplation:

Reflect, affect, to resurrect, a better covenant

Pass-by what serves ambition; urges surgent saliencies

Arouses groundlings pounding round in loveless vagrancy

Their master Prowess

And all the surly babble of the computational squall

Levering tricks as spanners, twisting knives at throats

Whose parched (and severed) lips (from truth and goodness);

Mark our ugly selves

Sordid in mirrors, stare you, view your aspect, no-one looking

‘What did I do to day I would not have had so

Carried on with me to the grave or church or both this day?’

Amazed reflection!

Make so to take as lasting of the day extinguishing

Save it, not for yourselves, to service to The Saviour

Hearts eagermost and lowly you are salt, mathetae

Be free, be thankful; thankfully be free.