Sound and Silence

January 11, 2018

Regroup, pass, heart-outpourings come,

Come, kingdom-come blue blethers,

Blusters, endeavours, promenade around my blood;

Fix ambuscades, take, overthrow, a something drab,

A digit stale,

And junk, so ease, these mawkish roars of mine;

Jives on our lives’ imperious prized justifications:

I unload to you no gillyflowered saccharin

I start up a carp about me, what I think I share,

Weathering what’s other people, as the time has them declare,

I a stand alone public garderobe, or a snorted common cold; -

I am, I know, I am roundly told, also somewhat crazy old

Scars in the temporal fabric percolate a froward sky

Rent like the Temple curtain, signifying nicely why

Look up and lo, no dove winged welcome graces, overfly

See instead come pursuing Harpies rolling; this the people’s joy

As if were a madcap Marvel comic movie being played

Hyper and hypno action-stations’ rattled chatter-raids

Through all the ninety minutes of each purgatorial hour

Changes of jangle only; clangour gathers weight of power,

Marking the current rubrics, bending off indolence, dream,

Parings of hectic clap-trap, sharp as sticks, mind-dinning scream,

Calling out one peremptory bawl, loud baying Hectoringly,

Olympian shout to clout the whole house down; they bawl

In the public marketplace snatch at space, a common brawl

To the ears dings, brings, invectives, pitched athletic strains

Harsh blasts of pyroclasts broadcast to scatterbrains

Irks, ruptures, burst relationships, gloat on next victories

Nag need to brag its manic fad and hear no silence.

In the sensory space, behind one’s face, where fidgets fiction-filled

Cram-packed to doors like superstores, abhoring vacuums,

Our tried grandpappy headaches, resolute to one small tune

Occupied upstairs, downstairs, brokered bleated sonic booms

Sound supererogates, steals thought’s interrogatories away

Marching them off on exercise, thereafter squarebash drill,

Regimentation takes them up then takes them down its daily hill

Death brings them in their tablet – end-of-day, deep-sleeping pill

Social constructions cover up, smother unrequited sighs,

Cloak total immersion shroudings on the heart’s sought sympathies

Wandering desires not noting their inheritance denied…….

Oh! Verities of The Word: pronounce release, uncircumscribe,

Bright turned in our hands love’s gems, uncovered things, perk lustrous eyes

Vasts of cuts of brilliants burn discovered, profusions amplified;

Aweful love’s gentle message - taste, dry runagates, and shine -

Come faithful gospel bearers bring you in brim-filled divine,

Drink of God’s blessed water made miraculously wine]]>