Taking a Cut

July 20, 2017

A surly flick, a twist

-‘Item of mine – is this’ –

Possession holds men sway, as they consider

And turning over toys search highchair money moves

On what’s their best demeanour,

The utmost sign inclined to reputation,

So to;

Beat up a thrum, be brazen brash - command

High feverish declamations state their tall imprimatur;

Comported, head-distended –taking curtain calls to excess;

As sweet as is convenient to their sugared estimations

Men brute beyond expedience favour depredation

Men mad-allured, denude the fair resplendent world

And resolutely ruin an hospitable provision

Fact: that the earth is crystalline, a gallery

Of incidental flora rich, ornate, bestudding

One great gamut of raw profuse resource;

The arcade grab-machines appropriate this treasure,

Mechanic jaws gape, grasp, get gravies everywhere

Turn their techniques to wrest out precious means

To consummate incidentals, fads which move a person’s purse

To tab what man or woman might not suffer be without

At this height of the season

Full all set down in grandiose ledger books;

Receipts received, accounted to the penny

Profuse excessive loots; and what remains a dross:

How men aver excuse to make globe a coffin!

Draining off from its planetary veins, unnumbered vitals,

Wherever governs blithely men’s inconsequential thought,

Contriving rival rackets, to outplay ignoble tricksters

Both fast and loose, forsaken, a house of cards;

Wild West horse-traders,

Wolf pack marauders

Violently having thrust away gracious humanity

Put hairy elbows in,

Taking up pole positions, they repose, preside

On one astounding rout of Gaia’s teeming girth,

All beauty all-inviolable notwithstanding

Unconscionables, make topple down high sloping timber stands,

Mountains digged out face transportation; fired for iron clouts,

Fantasist slaves gut-tugged by barbarous abject wills

To drop big game,

Grovel beneath the very beasts they lust to murder

Some flaky wide-surround B- movie airs their heads

Some tale that boasts congenial glees for merry psychopaths

And then open the centrefolds upstage reveal,

The eager girlies angling on unlikely breaks

On ventilators hoping on a lifetime’s hapless dope

Of borrowed faery fantasies; their teleologies

Importunate gutter pressmen entertain them

Pressganging their best feelings, hankering overheated yens

So perilously trembling to succeed

Working meanwhiles, shrewd knowing smiles, sit in the marketplace

Stoking up to wildfire sales, of Saturnalia,

Big boobs in red-racked sunsets bared for hollow-hand credentials

And yet the unstrung ravaged lungs heave; violated earth,

Rasping at whale-size gasps where onetime spreaded fruits

Seeding beyond all number, found a blameless light;

Now innocence is broken and ne’er residue remains

Of rock sure and congenial good opinion,

Revealed are robber depredations suits now in sack cloth

Real nicely; yet no actual regrets

Behold this mad array, this blasted surplus tonnage:

The golden goose of gadgetry, bedazzling, fools the eyes

Non compos mentis inmates entertain doxologies

On smart full function systems; makes them Mr Happies

Yet, here nothing is found, no whit nor scrap, compares

Above that grand futurity the enamoured mad predict,

All driveby aspiration, running into freight train wrecks

So in great state, and lordly, loud with outstretched arms

Preen brute poltroons, absurdist anti-folk

An idiot monumental empery

Who carry selves in chairs like eastern potentates

Complaisant in their splendoured visitations

Here see performances play bygone faculties

Drawing on cornucopias of blind conceit

Avuncular, against that fatal gate

Where push and push, they destitute, ensign,

All yester-stricken past-it parodies;

Who is it writes this stuff?

This needy knee-jerk book of business rules? –

The world’s Joe-cools?

The guys who sprawl-in spoils like bloody-handed Tartars?

Contritely raising arms and charming smiley doubts,

Assuming innocence

Whilst gambling freely kindly earth away; grandstanding

To surf the turf regardless, bid-up everything

Forcing the ante, making makeweights do,

In true flamboyant operatic style, ole!, impressive!

Their nice, precise, preposterous impositioning

Is hurling all to hell

Sheer o’er the crystal battlements, everything:

Be well appraised:

These guys lie slouching dreaming, truth forever call the line,

Its trumpets sound us out

And schemers’ dreams are liable.