Teaching in the Toyshop

April 12, 2020

Long-stay appointments for the tongue are oversubscribed

Ahem; but don't they service truth?

Too many ha'penny wags retained, laid end to end,

Sustain acclaim by wrongful payments, raid the bede-rolls

They lead the burial service sector for the restive dead

Preach with a bon-ami from shallow bottomed cups

Their culture bloom spumes bleeding with connived advices

From academies to every merry jaw-the-jigsaw place

Refine, align, design, online their jerry-built assays

Effuse occult consultative division

Be it vent in public toilets or on walking telephones

Their spores purvey the same grey simon-says set information

Buddha-like sat on pinnacles, in manacles self-chained

Rig-out a grammar anathema to nature

Hired stiffs who render up seed-bombs, spoon-feeds to force profusion

Declare on gauche glamours, deem them free and fair

Subsuming by inhuming eyes in lies, surmise, invention,

Rare fatuous fabulous shake and salts, too trite to mention

Stout cornflake oracles

Cocks in a time-locked toyshop strutting loud white noise

Presiding upon a perch - their ego-squawks bid-up high fames

Their glitzy fane for clogs of glorious weather-vane refinement

To spark a small affair and call it matchless

Accosting and affronting honest seemly teeming nature;

Love's reconciling benchmark

They've commandeered the skies; their fire-power; patrons, money,

A cake whose servlings binge as human wastage

Cultured to gratulate their feral crimes

Fellows that follow lucre's plutocratic strains

Issue out soothing-smooth and pillowed croons, like booze on brains

It may stagger you – here-now - is the price feeds this umbilical

This life-support supports their sport – the joy machines

Churnings from burning paper mills; no herb, nor nutrient

More and galore of theses – their flour blowsy, compromised

Enjoining us join-the-dance, join-in the playtime levities

Teachers of nowhere, mulch-enthroned, on filched incumbent chairs

Spinning out clastic lassitudes

Oxygen-reavers, people-deceivers, mandarins of muchness

Alike depriving by their thrivings exchequers liberally

Overmuch pitch kitsch over-engineering – consequences blind

Colossal surrogate obscene extravaganzas

Banked-up machinery, mess-boards and revels

Refracted looking-glass-like clones, and stone Byzantine cracked

Make speed towards gratuitous conflagrations

Weak cheap elite anaesthetised inflated pickled minds

Following the money fearfully - of being left behind

This bloom, this shock, our service culture – mildewed even in name

Initiates and cult alike the pathogens

Receives and sieves merely camera-obscura frames

Self-images from underworlds, against themselves divided

Competitive for proofs by money-wielding claims,

Charades declare the party peoples put up their serried hands

Their truth only the power of labels found on household names

How such vicissitudes, in so much magnitude, should have collided,

And such a style of life gone global, by a hothouse framed

To crown this doom of tears...?.. its engineers Big Players in The Game....

His rebarbative solution may God haste, that they shall taste and fully drain