Temptations of The Fall

May 16, 2020

He shows off ego regent, courant crest and comb

Drowned in, and owned by, amiable entitlement

Fêtes, lauds, the personal pronoun, bids with singular account

To glide with sympathies that hide a sweet lie’s sale


He rolls amidst wit's thoroughfares, his solipsisitic dene

Wandering solecisms feed his self-conception,

On a sublimated cakewalk stalking calculated words

Under a dark heart's theme park swells the lot he’s wished for


Much shuffling wears his brogues out, all to prove himself

By natural title, estimate, a special camoflage

A bare pretender, impudent enthused dissembler;

Whose smooth croon becks and smiles

Fastens upon a watering place to sink those nice unkind..

  ..incisors in; beguiles you of your love thy neighbour rule

Plays mandolin upon a tongue to gorgeous madrigals

Insinuating numbers power his pleasant verbs’ advance

Unfolds to win, forgive you, all innocuous mischance

  Concuring all the while, turns-tables, heaps a sigh

Slight fidget words his petards hoist your ingénue backside

Rewards declared in promises, fair versions of suppose

Unfurl his game of pitch and toss, of heads or tails you lose

  Checkmate the strait, whatever counter call appeal

Pronounced upon your lips, his trounce amounts to double dole;

The lemon in the fruit-dish, bitter pleasure to the eyes,

Discountenance compounds all misadventure’s disarrays


Rescue you composure, come before the infernal,

No suit can restitute the coup he’s played your candour

And over-above your collateral love has strewed your counsel

A sliding fabling thief in grass brings in imposture’s evil