The Clearness of Necessity

May 13, 2020

World, World, in being, bobbling

Clear as a clear acoustic swing-bell ringing

Banggg - on a clapper all of gold

  Fast as a clasp impossible to fasten, prise undone

A deer with a speckled ear showing through a forest run

Knowing it there because the stare imbues the substance  

Globe, Globe, moon-towing bulge

Stirs like a dirge, reserves the heart to wonder

To rock and gas a Charitas set light to, going,  

In the minute so fine, and the long haul caterwaul of spiral time

An undergirth of depth in plenty earth to mine

  Fevered nevers don’t insist, exist, here

Widening branches climb

  Small birds of the woods continue knocking

On the wood their pecking

Non-mystified, no why and wherefore, care for checking

Where that might lead, to a protoplasmic dead-end

  An actual prima facie speculative composition

Day labour and a venture of investment, faith retained

A covenant inheres puts footsteps on the stairs two-ways  

The sight and the sound of, the sights and the sounds of love

Upward assents perform downpayment acceptation

The coin of the ear, the currency of the radial eye

And the flights of clouds of sounding birds air spilling over  

On the tops of heads whose neighbour is sister, brother

Adjured by The Living God, to live, give love to one another