The Day Today

August 31, 2017

Recently thought on friends who have of late left light behind,

Resigned the day, and gone into The Delphic Mystery

T'has plunged a needle puncture in my crimpled heart

Where bites it there, as it were a singularity

A moot eventuality

Jacking up pain struck of an absent magnitude

But borne in still is weight more heavy than the midnight mass

All angles lance, stick madly at me, like a pointillist


By paper pinprick jerks poked round right nervously

On whom no light attends, and the evergreen’s all gone

Passed on, at snooze withal, in vaults where time calls out - Amen

So be it.

Let us talk of today’s times, discuss that person-changing love

Which does, they say, complete a life; but not here in the streets

Infills instead

An intellectual order high on shooting party song;

“Oh, seize the dough!”

Demented faces outwards turn sententious charades

Assure incompetence forecloses on depleted larder doors

In this benighted nation

Add safteyclip supports to shore an avalanche of sighs,

Their remit fair kind words, the legal tender of concern

The seat of love no station gets within the public space

Discourtesies embezzle, riding principles of ease

Then regulation overalls conveniently scapegrace

Their casts of thousands gloriously in novel CGI

In-bed air-heads the newsy crew hatch segue interludes

Issues which ooze redundancies of same resemblant suit.

They address their cues approximating smiles,

Themselves The British Corporation friendly beasts

Their ecclesiastic circulations

Serve circuitous asservations

On situations’ incidentals - fairy tales

Containing evidential safe redactions

They’re the contentment-factors, soma-doctors exponential By appointment to the grave consensual Big Ben friends Life’s longtime indigent of dropped apostrophes Like those seen missing off their published splurge Love and the truth - so way down south in this our own country Here rears up valorous one vainglorious common free-for-all See headstrong casual-gear guys play out fashion street revues

Groin-hair done into glitter Commercial random rave convivial rules This is the pastime place, here emptiness bankrupts, Declares itself, skims everywhere from tenancies to clothes Invincible the probity of our relentless gather Of ruffs, tattoos, superfluous stuffs, in great endemic store: A grievous monomaniac singularity