The Grand Global Dream Disaster

September 06, 2017

Dreams slide into screens Slide into schemes Slide into means Celebrity rock, and movie stars Top sports heroes, and all those packing life’s a blast All revel, handsomely enthrall, In the glossy fancy photos on consoles And in glammy mandatory magazines And on tempting charismatic TV shows And on rabid radios The cool set lives and flouts outsized big lives Glare larger than our equipoise can bear And some do a meth amphetamine Skunk or cocaine Or just end up drunk too often, fuzzied-brains And so dissipate the days Getting marriage mangles feted in required love tangles Confusing partners pass the parcel wise As the merchandise marauders grossing make 10,000 fold Exude, incite, profuse and propagated hypes From the lavish corporation floors behind the scenes Executive directors spin the moneyed schemes Drip feeding juice Both fast and loose By day, by night, Their one delight The lovely money The winding gear that gathers ever binding tighter The consumate consumer-ratchet racket Endeavouring to screw, further collect From the next idolater (Gratuities in coffers From lives whose hopes are gutters) And worship to that ‘ching!’ the virtual cash-tills ring Inside extensive greenback papered heads A most ecstatic music to these midas ears A tune which very likely soon will sound A siren of dismay, as scenic shoreings crashing down Around cropped ears land shattering all vanity Withal, with all, comes-on the thunderings of great disaster Upon cash crazy crowns, and drown out fancy’s dreams To boot The swarming peoples learn of fecklessness Adoring fickleness Absorbing recklessness Stirring sorry merry mess The blind whose admiration’s gone to all excess Clones who would imitate to agitate Inflame the shelves with overactive initimations Adventuring overboard on assignations Mocking sobriety Rocking society Dismissing propriety In exchange for morsels of a meagre moiety Unlighted and uneducated The usable the pliable consumer fools Grubbing up, grasping, gambling, like a row of ducks Each to destruction revving in their off road trucks That part in a natural order earth upholds as by divine Condition makes its terms By which we all may hear ‘be careful what you wish for’ There’s no escape from calamity from such a universal law ‘Take what you will, you’ll have to pay for it’ Take every iota right to the final jot Take all from A to Z then there’s no alphabet Take all up to infinity and yet still you’ll be in debt Here is a lesson set to learn - we earn earth’s golden gifts Turned by the hand of God unto us - if but we would