The Song of Time

January 04, 2021

With profligacy to obey the determining Word

A cracked pot-sherd of faith is pressed, hard-braced

Expected to

Why, ay; The Welsh require after an answer

For what; the topic-skeptic Englishman

An’ hou: regards the Scot in this, his manner


A strange eventful chain distant beginning

Darksome-doubtful deep

Moved men within, and also elsewhere, region

Out of compass

Begun at first our morsel germ in sentience, prefiguring

Collateral of mortal consciousness

Knowledge of good and evil; an undid Charybdis placed

Beside a Scylla; of complementary oppositions

But twins and of one birth; are coupled

Blood and breath

Thus torn, the early worm makes churn, delivers

Urgent in conscience,

Invasive and divisive of men’s minds

A mewed two mansions

Recall St Paul, who would do what he did not

And contrary, did that thing which he would not

The manacle, the rack and pinion, practical

For conscience

The Garden story; a quintessential loss of innocence

A birth on earth which brought forth cursed

Inveterate infringement

As interrogator of our nature, gave the

Yea to Moses, and God’s Law,

His regulator of the creature factored by

Its revered, severe Lord;

Our sorry curb

Small residue of history as an essence yet decanted

To call it culture

An overstock of books, of referential hooks, the

Streaming we’ve connected

Not one atom, one micron, was half-begun, available;

A playing-field unsown

And for an Alma Mater, unhewn stone.

Those foundlings of the world, that children’s

Nursery for men.

Extraordinary lacked in acumen, and video games

Their awkward age was growing pains, eclectic error,

Had no set forms for comprehension, nor had neither

Norms to substantiate

Those connections and reflections which make segue words


All labourers in the build under construction

Appraise and come to terms, digest, assimilate

A hemistich of germ so unavailable;

Of connotations, elaborations, intestate

The cord cut, called from gestate wilds, exiled

From erstwhile peace, pre-man

That Brother, Father, Emanation, was at work also

Collective Three in Unity, an untold item

For venturing minds, His time to early then, to start

Those epicycle coiled recitals of theology

A presence for foreword divinity more solidly

Deserved the better quarter

So starting firstlings off on tepid milk and water

A few and seemly elemental undivided truths

As ligatures for certainty, or storm-proofed roofs

Some fundamental evidential revelation

A God; The Lord and jealous; of the whole Creation

A Name unnameable; a frame too dread

That dead men only entertained to look upon

Have face to face Him; granted license to one solely

Who mediates His Law, and nabs a glance in passing

And from behind – to live

Such were the operations, obligations given peoples

Somewhere near blind

A hard and jagged two-edged sword made mighty God

The nub of earth’s conditions

The peoples views rough hewn by wars, dilemmas,


And casted and scripted, hand-selected to fulfil His

Pastoral decisions

One nation – a broad lantern shone on others - to prepare

His build

Though lands in other places had their lights

But only spills

Light in its full abundance grace would grow

To schedule

By operating, explicating, rations grain

On grain

As explications concentrated, along with pain on pain

Innate ingots of treasure trove also were fired

The entrepôt of pain for wisdom patently hard-wired

In us; the less we fuss, the more acceptance lightly-stacked

In us; a greater supplement of learning comes

With agent grace

For God downloads His people His additions at

His pensive measured pace

And so; and lo; there came apotheosis

The rightful time, the proper line,

The sacramental place and setting

At Bethlehem, a little gem, in which a child is


A town fit for a crown; an holy docking station

From God’s port was posted One appointed for a Mission

On Him there overflows the Holy Ghost. Immanuel

Whose will has Sadducee and Pharisee not sleep

In easy beds for their rancoured rejections

All of accord that that good Word at first dismayed

We self-relational men.

A raid made to invade our common consciences

Our colloquies of consciousness thuswise arraigned

Forbade that access

A feral germ of natural burning disobedience

Drave misbehaved us

As cause of death caressed us, first awareness was of


Yet it comes to this, The Seat of Bliss has *vanitas *overturned

It is fell broken

He has entered, renewed, made whole, and mended, spoken

To them who had Him persecuted, taken,

Us destitutes of innocence; we insolents and goose apostates

Who become strolling bands use cheap and makeshift

Rude accoutrements

Away, go pipe and play, and entertain for few loose pence

Thinking us happy, but times repining changed that tune

A Laddie let down from Heaven came now, and to our boon


Whom Forerunner, Breadwinner, Failsafe, woefully arrayed

The world rescinded

Redressed that curse which had the universe down bended

Abasing abjectly

The Comedy Divine in fine fulfilled and finished, like a top

Spinning for earth a new rebirth around its rocks

No more to stumble

Amen to this, Amen: and is to all men to befall