The Sway of Property Possession

November 30, 2016

Ownership of an item seems to me only to be able to occur once the item in question has dropped out of circulation as it being a value-counter within the system of the means of exchange.  In other words, only when an item is on the market for sale or to buy does it take part in the monetary system of exchange.  When it is not for sale or is unable to be bought it is of no value in the system of means of exchange. But possession of, let alone ownership, of property is nonetheless able to act as a token, a latent call, upon the goods and services of another in redemption of a debt owed.

I guess the words ‘possession’ and ‘latent’ are crucial here. They say: I have the power and I am able to exert it – at will. The worst form of tyrannical expression.

This is because any item can change from it being not for sale to it being for sale, and in doing so it will add to the sum total of value in the system of the means of exchange as that value stands at any given time. Since there are items coming and going, on and off the market, in a scale of billions of items all day every day, the market left to itself fluctuates and is never able to be wholly stable.

Further the market is exposed to manipulations by big holders of property; provided they have a store enough of items of value sufficient to work the market in their favour, by adding them to the market for sale or by taking them off the market for sale.

When (like banks) one holds a monopoly in creating debts for others and in being able to incur debt to oneself without owing to a creditor, the way seems paved for you to go into the marketplace and work the market in your favour. Maybe whence the old saying ‘Money comes to money’?

The bias in the system looks to remain certain whichever way you turn the penny and it displays itself in the phenomenon that there is a Top Layer of wealthy entities (the crème de la crème or the scum?) which holds the cords and pulls the strings regarding the marketplace and the value and means of exchange.

This bias tends towards this Top Layer never being placed in a position where it can be seriously challenged or superseded by any opposition element which has been established on the same terms, in its own image. No-one with the same approach as that of the Top Layer is able to supplant this layer – to join it maybe – but not like a Mafia boss who as a person or entity is able to wipe out all trace of rival families.

The Top Layer is secured permanent in this way because the system is ever preloaded towards its benefit. Only weakness, incompetence or an accident of apocalyptic proportions is able to topple any entity from this Top Layer into penury or perdition.

So unless humans wipe out the planet wholesale by wars and depredations, the risk of there being an Epic Fall from grace out of the Top Layer, in every way will come from internal endogenous dysfunction only, or else from revolutionary radical systemic change (a people-led apocalypse)

The banks in truth did nearly top themselves in the years that ran up to 2008, selling to one another this and that parcel of garbage and so in the final instance incurring debts for these sales because there came a point at which they could no longer be passed on again and again in the normal way of commerce. The garbage they sold on to others in their sector was garbage in that no-one in their marketplaces to whom they sold it, in the final instance would or could acknowledge it as authentic, sincere and genuinely transactable security upon that level of debt at which ostensibly it had been marketed represented as being.

Thus the inevitable event of the great crash came, and it is generally agreed (after the event and on hindsight) that the banks’ own folly and greed, in their actuality comprising the whole nine yards of the Seven Deadly Sins, were their instruments of violence and destruction against themselves in their self-inflicted near fatal self-harm.

Everyone Sank

In 2008

Everyone was spending like there was no Gomorrah

Then the barrel fell over

And the edge of it ran down the hill to the bottom

And stopped

We all got thrown out, got stuck in the back, played hell,

Dusted ourselves down

The dealers joshed and jostled at the heads of the queues

That day

God rolled up the rainbow like a fancy cotton carpet

Put it in his back pocket

Drove down to El Dorado’s to the beach

Gaming the slots, soliciting dancing girls:

Now there’s no-one to square; to pick up the party pieces