This Above All

December 02, 2020

The authority of God darts love a lift above full-reach

The accordance of the Lord with us His promises example;

Rare instigators counter-wise to human inclinations

Firewalled beyond fool rules; poor party-coloured misconceptions

The authority of God, His rod, unbroken makes provision

For the primal law of love eternal, tipped with blood-red crimson

His Power is for conundrum splendid spendthrift marvels

Perfecting things to gold, told every day, under His light

Arms daily filled to overspilling; nature’s dancing-clothes

Mowed gathered swathes come from the elemental garden

The well-sped patterns nature makes observe these seals

Believing on them is a declaration heaven-sprung

Care’s governance free-flowing, blows-in balms on every gale

Free airs bring with them love that countermands indifference

Halfway pegs equanimities; nor brash nor deferential

By a grounded valuing of self, is self withdrawn for others

At a going-rate; a true stocktake, by estimate considered

Sufficiently; so just; no interest, nor no ‘breaks to brothers’.

As reason calls, it walks this route by direst Calvary