“Thoughts on the Coming of Spring”

February 02, 2017

Now as the turning of the year repairs

To drink at Mother Nature’s reservoirs

And February’s days like morning chanticleres

Proclaim the earliest presents of a spring

With snowdrops nodding lowly on a lin

As blackbird whistles, gathering up a nest,

And marvellously bespeaks perforce revivings in the west

Right glad at having valiantly withstood hard test;

Extended days pall-bearing burying drear night,

Train-bearing too by bringing in expanse of light,

Brightening confessed sere exhausted souls

Cast-over late by dearths and no parole

See here!: a living fox uprears from out a wintry hole

New flights of geese overhead, and roundabouts green grows

As stirrings in a ground which rigors lately froze;

All volunteers who forward march in regiment, recruits

Empressing daffodils by proposition; shoots

Who pose, mayhap, portend, an if, assever

Their chastisements upon the very weather

With forward notice of avowed intent to sever

Association, commerce with, withholdings

Who give no place for sweets, or blosssoms; bitter cold winds

Sharp easterlies enforced to incident acute incursions

As sole presumed good fellows companying as like The Persians

Of such unseasonable bedevilled weathers

The lightening of the year rebounds, refrains again failsafe

The heavens in turn revisiting to the appointed place

Accordant resolutely having run the race

Spill perfumes, vials in showers, outpourings, plenitudes,

As set at the beginning so their consonance ensues

Diurnal session towards a plenary

Of time devoured, expended liberally

Upon what journey quizzes hope, engages brains;

Wherefore envisioned and against what gains?

Abiding God Who to his chest His kingdom’s hand maintains.