“Thy Rebuke Has Broken His Heart”

July 03, 2017

It is a shaken weakening ailing sort of thing

Throws you over like a fall at combat

A thwack and the nervous heart-strings take a tragic loop

A fragile shiver

That scalpel of Bible language cuts at hanging strains

Hits to the midriff like a boxer’s body blow effects

Opening up rigor, the tough guy’s shelter

A whole heaped helping defenceless drops right on your plate

An awareness of one’s helplessness in face of sorrows

At the face of sympathy cut ranklings force contrition

One wants to do but cannot do something that savles

That solves - and there’s our insufficiency

Opened up digging for that patch that isn’t there inside

Like a newly-landed fish slapping flaps absent water

That sort of desperation only failure knows

When failure hits the mark

In your insides; in your cool presumed cock-sureness

Like to have been stricken naked in society

From suave to panic, sharp, to hopeless rabbit

Instant demolition and dismay of emptinesses

The real you please stand up now be accounted for -

In the grain of minerals, in the towering seas

Is resistance unmoved stubborn senseless rough

Indifference that flat drives one to Christ’s arms