Too Many… Too Much…

February 16, 2021

Affairs proceed. At first a little careful tacit breathes

Of hopeful caution; motions towards inception

A touch and go; who is it knows what fate is up to?

A surge of effort and enthusiasm

Shoves and lugs along the show into a viable pattern

And up on two legs suddenly the haunches go

Bowling towards maturity momentum grows

At last into basking celebratory Med and Midi sunshine

Fit animal growth, profuse extension, deploys; and actually

One’s primed; defined what genus, what specie

The shores sound distant to an upright high-hat faculty

Here’s roars – wherefore be heeding this hour seriously?

From a tower in time towed shores sublime away and

Gradually a gradient flees

Incurs by surge a parcel purge, cortege gauged delicately

As folds and rolls insistent swamping sea; fleet

And yet imperceptibly

‘Ago’ is now becoming, as ‘henceforward’ shoals dissolve

Resolving into formerly-pursued past-tense occasions

Awareness less approaches as ambushes; taking hold

The contemplative years roll in, the waves well old,

Immersions in many versions of a life to reconcile

As surf returns a person on a beach as though a wheel

Had done, and turned a revolution, come to rest

The family and relatives take care of all the rest

An arched epitome, this is the tenure of the earth

All manner things, their goings rise, rescind as curves


Downwards, confounded-wards, into null entropy

There is, one new day, no new day, for you and me

Go likewise all our crises, glories; and ends the civic state

The plane of the flame is upwards and then burning down


A summer semester ends and autumn browns announce


To careful winter, a louring hunter, seeking in the dark

Hard to confute, but marvellously refused by vital fibre

Woes would be closed and skirted, than to trouble


Until thin inroads anchor, unload cargoes; that by stealth

Here’s here right now for instance, loud, compounded

Crowded marching bands

Dinning out all cold rattles and shiverings in the State’s

Connected bones

And cackles

Opens on doors giving to florid, hearty-party flavours

Flows coming in, to-dos are deafening, and very small rills trickle

Collateral caustic foment draws on down concurrently

The laughing towns’ and cities’ exit elegies

Emergent comes to call a strolling brawl which asks

A liberal fuss of me

This my belief and chief conceit express and mercenary

It empurples admiration, primes absorbing amatory


Wherewith to fill out truth by worded piracies

Waylaying to say I am the locus, the eventuality

My public is to serve my sovereignty; broadcast

As if on hoarding boards

On every medium, be you radiant, wherever you might go

And know the world is me

The largest grape, the rarest peach, before you, do you see?

Particle science pronoun usage unsustainably

First person singular, signature of every original

Flailing valency

Ask the Statistics boffins which sign alphabetically

Recurs to minds the most part; you boast solo

It is me!

A resonant reverence distant ages since; by sent agency

Set solely to one side, advised away from prideful application

Only Almighty God, his thunders anger-tipped; to his nation

Claims I AM WHO I AM; and no, nor preening profligacy

Dare share, declare, or wear it, as your royal decoration

Which sounds in the mouth uncouth these abject bitter years

Generations circling round their selves in untold breaths eccentric,

Wretched congratulation