Wayback When

August 17, 2017

Each a Creation of The Big Bang are we perhaps, maybe?

Must marvel at what we are, and hither have come to be,

A gala of implications in a Christmas tree snow globe

Surpassing in wizardry its incidence arose

Back, back in time before, the stars galore were not nightly lit

Nor circuits cut their curves, surrounding, bounding round

That ship

Of merry motley fun; the sun;

Then surfeits of unsettlement carked, and indisposed did broil

In-being’s proto-matter

And that dark backward and abysm, berserk, worked chaos’s throes

Foreshadowing madmen’s crazinesses, in a swirl of virtual squalls,

Wild frights and bright infractions, interactions, tore their strifes

In preternatural clashes moiled – and God knows just what else,

Were we then - in the glad-eye of good God - a twinkle then?

As in our natural fathers’ were we once concupicence

A live delight anticipated, yea, rudely dilate -

Unmade, all unconceived

What wars, high cavils, cosmic cares, stood then to be fulfilled

That mayhem’s moot materials processed to the solid fact

Into pat hardened concrete things, the things we see, and be

Our cage confined?

If not this happens, has been, then that call’s misunderstood,

Which from the singularity a God brought nectars forth,

And pollens, runner beans, and hot buttered mashed potato

Into the hands that beat it, jaws that eat it – heavenly!

So cleverly!

Is it as The Preacher has it ‘all is vanity’

All reason a much acclaimed inflamed local insanity

A mirror glass which gives upon actute distended anarchy

And how can such things be?

No more a flea or baccilus declares a lisssome compass

Has been accomplished in the wealds of wisdom’s wicked language

And Old King Cole delivering sacks no more his raincloud thunders

And God no King?

Know that I must at the last prefer cahoots with Dostoevsky

To stick with limpet grip onto my Saviour’s piercěd side

Were even my Master Jesus blackballed, blandly implicated,

From among the walks of men, no more their Higher Paradigm

And therefore brought to nought

I do remain His man.