We would see Jesus

October 14, 2020

Now is the time; the Greeks have asked and bidden,

Whereby a sign all men shall see; be lifted up; forgiven

Philip to Andrew; Andrew, he, together

Deliver to their Master inquiry from men

Not of the sheep of Israel lost; but of another

Fold. One untold, unvested yet, in God’s especial hold

That close preserve reserved and hitherto embounded:

Now Gentiles too, and of them, analytic Greeks arrive

Those delvers in profuse refuse of intellection

Stirred now to seek Jerusalem’s direction

And ‘would see Jesus’. Fame has spread at large

Sufficient countenance and gently moved, asked, interlopers

Who journeying would find it honour shown

Accquaintance of His Person rumoured everywhere;

So Him behold

Their pointed trip, tips, triggers, Jesus’s finishing

God’s given works, and laying down, so taking up

Life lost; that lifted up, all men shall draw to Him

Who as a seed fell to the ground must die

And so bear tenfold, no one hundredfold, and more...

Of good fruit known and designated by its Parent tree

The produce of all goodness, grown of true felicity;

The ruler of this world’s enthralled, defeated;

The Great Work, His Commission, well-completed.

Done dutifully; even so, obediently contented

His task intended, unattended came as Man

A draught of human chill impels an instinct counter-claim

Frailty of flesh in weakness makes acute avail

For an instant might-have moment; but Love's constancy prevails

As soon the monster raised, erased; delinquence fails,

Involved in, and resolved upon His Father’s guiding mind

No interval between the two; are Persons of one kind

Thus manifests St John these things; his chapter twelve. No way

His sacred document stands paralleled; our hope and liberty

From death and fear of death; a spirit lamp that lights each day.