Where do I go?....To whom should we go?

January 18, 2018

It's been too hard living, but I'm afraid to die 'Cause I don't know what's up there, beyond the sky It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come” – Sam Cooke

Euthanasia (from Greek: εὐθανασία; "good death": εὖ, eu; "well" or "good" – θάνατος, thanatos; "death") is the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering. - Wikipedia 18 January 2018

A__s the philosopher says:

It all depends on what you mean by ‘good’.” For one man here he see__s a euphemism Another says unhappily she would Go down to Hades into darkest shades

By hand” if but she could
Ah, there’s the rub!
We don’t know where__abouts our jorney’s end
So should we need a shove?
And is this kicking into touch as rigorous as was promised
A kindly stroke of managed deadly love?
One guy today – now, no, I am divided, I feel for both sides, but I follow Christ -
One guy today, his melancholy family,
In his behalf, he having months to live,
And too, t__oo scarcely compos mentis to forgive
Them should he meantime change his view
On taking and rejoicing in a final palliative,
His case now in expedit__ion to the courts
To bring to bear the Lords Court of Appeal
Not God Almighty’s, no, not the real deal
A court of fickle men instead__, maybe a woman?
Elected by their great discretion valour intellect
Learn__ed in law; of sentience, sensitivity
A__re called this time to trespass on God’s own prospe__ct
And give a ruling
This sadly near-to-death unlucky man is trying
So say his family, to bring in comfy death
First for himself, and then for others like him
Who feel severely they have had enough
Of fear, of bearing pain, in lingering
For who knows what disasters, saps the strength
Required so as to say, “Ah, death, you’re mastered”
And then contented go the mortal way
Instead curtailment of a life beforehand
To a ‘natural’ death; ‘by hand’ to legalise
The open prize to hold had from the Law Lords
Should such Law Lords agree, a__re satisfied
This course is safe, and just, and in their eyes
Not detrimental to the commonality.
Yet though, this sickly man, appelant, now shall see
His case brought forwards by his family
In time and to the height of jurisdiction
And wrought by media channels grievously
He stands unable in his mind to learn
Which way his fate has fallen, and his urn
Whichever way it turns this consonance maint__ains -
Alas, wherefore they trouble his remains?
Those earnest eager folks who would have victory
And so release from fear, from painfiul death, all others
By way of courting death for all our brothers
And sisters, who are laid in pain, in fear declining
Perhaps these eager beavers make their stands on principle
O__r maybe bear a serious compassion:
So they cultivate this idol that they’d fashion
In heart and mind; or consider their own ends
And shudder, for the ghost of death so lends
A cast of pallour over futures contemplated
Although our ‘natural’ endings we shall never know
Unless curated,
Unless we go to death aware and lowly
Muster__ing prayer perhaps to something holy
With ruth and not presum__tion of from where we came
Are going to, nor where we shall hereafter rest, remain,
And w__hat might this control by designating death
Its time, its type, accord to one’s planned wish,
Provide as comfort to us, other than to hide a haste__,
Behind a veil of reasoned ignorance
Assuming to presume to knowledge greater
More sure and grounded than the ages sagely tell;
A veil a__ssured by clouded frown__ed insouciance
Which state__s and unequivocally hold__s
The untruth of life’s verities of old
Which statement, which confession hurt__s me hearing
So often from a people telling, telling me
Who tell it again and over, as it were a tale by rote
Th__eir message is__: Get Real!; and t__ell it like it is!:
A sharp amount of harshness in their fiery steel
A brash abrasive scorning of a sweet compassion
Perhaps excusing in this way a having of compassion
Extend__ing past one’s ‘you and yours’ or out of doors
Or perhaps preferred secured within the nation?
A last ditch where__in to absolve oneself
From taking kindly action
Since ultimately overall there’s nothing matters
World’s problems are too big too many; let us better
For sanity and safety’s sake turn off, be local,
And root to break prospective final pain and loss
Be vocal and protest, make ripples, someone must pay__;
On all the saints above make hearty holiday!
For d__id we something better from a fancied God
Not then d__eserve, than death’s appalling fate
Who grow to eld and so go take the one-way Exit Gate?
I__s i__t to stand opposed to outgrown courses
On which our understandings all are under-shored
In whom we live and move and have our very being?
In__stead by ultimate assertion of one’s primal choice
One’s individuality, ‘__brings on the wild horses!’
That dignity of man, our highest integrity,
That self; expressed, asserted, honoured most supreme!
Sad fact; all those things which were once none but a hapless dream
Whose truth has realised upon a cross in__carnadine
For all men and all women whom unless would be
Slaves hauling stone in droves for proud Assyrian grandee__s
Or bought in Egypt, fall__en on our faces
B__rute masters make amuse__ment at these cattle cowering.
This is the legacy to which ou__r ways are dowering
By battering the issue like a battering ram
Upo__n the doors of democratic sympathies
And men a__nd women, you are by your lights destroying
What you do greatly pride-in; by your faithless toying
You know not what you do and are too test__y sanguine;
The i__ssues of hoar death are not of men nor women neither
These last things they belong to some one wondrous mystery
Myself I say the Lord and God of all our history
Ours is to kneel before it__, so allow its higher valour
To a__ccept our time to die, accept our life not ours