Words are Friends

September 03, 2019

Words are a friend of mine

From Matins, through Compline

I plow fondly away all day

Deliberating and involved; immersed in play  

Workaday friends, dependable familiars A circle; vein, allotment: all together

Complete, standing to measure in a serried line

Articulating meaning, incident in rhyme  

Whileaway beavers, beavering into thinking blethers

Catching-at matching sense, pretence, a little pleasure

Gone ramble on a tune along a lumpy country lane

Place perfect where might fair appear great Arthur, or Igraine;  

More perfect than a summer’s fill of fields of wheat

Pitched textures waving gladly; standing well, replete

Or an orchestra attuned, retunes, in turn, together;

Colours ascend, attentions rouse, grow all the bigger  

Again, choosing do a river row one afternoon

Working the water, raising feathers, gently blow by blow

And getting somewhere, no-cares where, a not-fussed journey

Just to get on the supple ripple seems, contains, enough  

Like a magpie, or a blackbird, or the leggy hopping chough

Whilst regalia for a sailor rhapsodises skies above