• Taking a Cut

    A surly flick, a twist -‘Item of mine – is this’ –   Possession holds men sway, as they consider And turning over toys search highchair money moves On what’s their best demeanour, The utmost sign inclined to reputation, So to; Beat up a thrum, be brazen brash – command   High feverish declamations state […]

  • Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique

    Racked, stretched out prone on its cross of hectic passion Large music plays you; welcomes through cruel iron Gates, wit-hung, levered open Comes Hector-like: Tchaikovsky battle-throes ring agonistes Horns rail out; brass supplies terse anabasis march Its deluge overwhelms, and mustering Hands caught-up in flail and flourish, beating eggs The unreasonable neuroses fester wrested clues; […]

  • Flower Power

    Is it a paranoia or psychoses That creditor, rings in rhymes with predator That drama chimes out nicely against trauma And evil turns live backwards? That history opens out to show His Story And evolution renders out in love? So prosecution measures up as persecution Omission photo-calls upon emission And desiccation synergises meet with desecration. […]

  • Proportionality

    Proportionality is best known in its use as a word in Law; Statute Law. Most of us know that rule on which our law is based and which was parodied by the operetta-makers Gilbert and Sullivan, who said;’ Make the punishment fit the crime’. This making the punishment fit the crime is an example of […]

  • Doing Time

    The jailer turns and passes through a shone hard ray of light Burning along like fire the dire and coffin-square enclave Palled full of darkness-dormered souls, abort of inclination; It bursted in from outside rare where ebullient air revives Asthmatic breaths   An alien sojourner with us, and fleeting friend; stylus with hand Of brightness […]

  • ‘The Serpent Beguiled Me, and I Did Eat’

    Let’s first run through that Bible story in Genesis of The Fall from Grace of Adam and Eve, the first people and created by God, and placed by him in Paradise in the Garden of Eden. There are people here in the UK today, many, many, who are not familiar with this story; or else […]

  • Gods Without Men by Hari Kunzru:

    Gods Without Men by Hari Kunzru: Hay Festival Talk by the Author to James Naughtie of BBC Radio 4 Sunday 4 June 2017 The author was interviewed about his award-winning novel ‘Gods without Men’. I myself have not read the novel; this essay I am about to write refers to this interview led by BBC’s […]

  • Nonsense Logics

    I have been reading a book, a religious commentary, being a feminist look at a male dominated Holy Bible, and specifically The New Testament. The aim of the editor of this book is stated by the her, being put into my own words: for the writings it contains to assist in liberating and broadening the […]

  • Anger, Despite, and Frustration

    I try to avoid the mainstream news media and their commentary. I have found my mood is more even and settled whenever I am able to get away with not being exposed to these published and broadcast items. I walk out quite often into my home town centre; and there I see how very deprived […]

  • Why I am so Protestant

    Thinking of myself I was struck quite suddenly by the realisation that I am very very strongly Protestant in religion. That’s not to say I condemn all other denominations, communions faiths than my own; nor it is to say that I see and find nothing of use, comfort, or salutary in others ways of acknowledging […]

  • Passion and Desire

    There’s a Hebrew image from the Rabbinical writings to which William Barclay, author of The Daily Study New Testament refers, and which conjures the idea of The Lord God leaning forward in prayer to Himself beseeching that He should always remain merciful. A fine if unusual image carrying many layers of query and thought within […]

  • On Spenser

    Hear of that lovely hoary tale of old Folding its speculations round us, and never yet over-sold Encapturing in its raptures cheering turbulent dull clay; Wanderings into wolds of words in a wonderful melee   Recover on that good rush; for blood slips their veins, and wails The blasted halting labour making turns on bacon […]

  • Where The Three Ways Meet

    The number three is for many persons special. We say – ‘three cheers!’; three scores we call ‘ a hat trick’; God Himself is three ‘the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit’; we ask in fairytales for ‘three wishes’; we get ‘three goes’ with darts; in many sports – hammer – javelin – long […]

  • On the Far Side of The World

    Boy-biker joy raises terrible noise on the block And reminds me of a man I knew once, Geoff; Dead now of motor neurone; he was pretty gauche; Performed a business operation for his late employ In North America.   Went up by air balloon; the Arizona desert strewn below; For why? There is that tiny […]

  • “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;…”

    What is this hope; this anchor; on which the soul is secured; and which enters as the scripture says “within the veil”? And what can this mean; this “within the veil”? The words are a mighty bit obscure here; there’s nothing, no word amongst them all which has not got a clear and direct meaning […]

  • Simple or Sophisticated?

    Originally I wanted to write about how plain and simple language is able sometimes, when well thought out, to move a person as deeply as any strong experience in life is able to. Then I heard a news bulletin – much to my disturbance, as usual, – and it was about the current French National […]

  • Edmund Spenser: Poet Supreme.…..who???…

    A dead name. One of those uninviting white Anglo-Saxons of yore. To us, in a time when people are so busily living, past times are so very much not of account. There are ever-current for us fervid movements for the progression of this agenda, and hectic lobbyists for the furtherance of that campaign; and altogether […]

  • The Feral Weatherman

    As on the morning of the bash his position not assumed But compromised by spew bursted across the news G spot: BBC’s Weather Office took a sedentary view Saved him, his job strung out on isobars, from houshold scrap   Another iteration of his competence forthwith (Like other cover stories covered heretofore were played Oafs […]

  • Organic Food: The Body as Temple

    One of my favourite authors, as anyone who reads my stuff might know, is John Milton. Following the precedent of The Bible; in particular at 1 Corinthians 6.19 which states: “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye […]

  • Wherefore There Care?

    Where care in love gets in, Into daily to-dos and gesturing At the junctions at cramped crossroads; bulked by rolling rows, Of lumbering trafficks;   Or else in the working life, beyond relief, where battle thrives, Impairing, and forestalling good report; and criminals Courting displeasures of The Crown, receive her frown, On starting sentence   Wherefore […]

  • The Great and The Governed

    Dreaming a demos, The Founding Fathers laundered out Their Worships on a Line of Truth in hope, now puppet-show; A conceptual Escape from Alcatraz by leave of Crazy Horse; And the sheen of silver sidewalks soiled, abraded off   Steer here, or nearly hereabouts, coerce there peradventure; And worse, envisaged freedom bombs; a crude attack […]

  • Dead Dead Things, Dead Live Things, and Live Things

    This article aims to take a look at some conundrums of biology, natural selection, and adaptation. I know very very little about the workings of cellular biological organisms; or for that matter about any biology or organisms of any kind at all. The enquiries I shall be attempting to make will be moreso then philosophical […]

  • True

    I began a series on Words a few months back, and this article I write now aims at being a continuation of that theme. The word under consideration is the word: True; and a lot of what I am about to write will speak about Christ and about Christians and their faith. Firstly, – you […]

  • My Friend The Vegan

    I have a son who is a vegetarian. He eats dairy products and vegetables, grains, and fruit only. I have a friend who is vegan; and she eats only foods of the plant families of living things. I understand the motivations – especially those which rest in an appalled sensitivity to the plight and fate […]

  • Consumption by Consumption to Consume

    The crazy rabble catching capital trouble, Rouble or dollar, blue n white collar Lean virulent servitudes; renascent slaves Make trade beatitude   Postmodern blacks installed in racks, perfunctorily paraded To a once-a-day-dance pistol shoot – The Wild Wild West! High harvest home of honour high, accompt philosophy, Heritor of garbled-massages of garbaged Christian kindness True […]

  • Songs and Tunes I Recall (3)

    Now there was plenty of mysticism in the later 1960s and early 70s; associated with popular music and musicians; and there were few performers of the first rank who did not dabble at the least in a little quasi-religious, slightly vague sentiments, on vinyl and in person or performance. Commonly the media at least, and […]

  • No Respecter of Persons

    The Lord Jesus Christ we are told in several places in the four gospels (the AV 1610 version) was such; was ‘no respecter of persons’. The expression is now antiquated; but I am reliably informed that in our times it might be rendered as ‘not a person who pays attention to rank, position, titles, influence, […]

  • Pitch and Performance

    “At the ripe old age of 34 – statistically the happiest of your life – comedian C*** D****** is now seemingly finding peace in a vegetable-planting, self-hating liberal existence… but has he made a terrible mistake?” Hereabove is the ‘pitch’ come from a venue in my home city which is hosting a UK standup comic. The […]

  • Why me?

    Kids ask themselves questions pretty soon after they begin school. Questions like: ‘How/Why am I me?’ And ‘What’s it like to be someone else?’. It’s an acknowledgement by kids of the curious and ineffable mystery of consciousness; self-consciousness. As a parent one is able to ramble on somewhat discursively about an embryo having been formed […]

  • God allowed Trump to be Elected so as to give the Tabloid Press some Real News to Print

    Everything’s satire, parody, an entire blancmange Of genres, letting-go of moorings slipping free, adrift, Charts off the radar, dances in the hold, recruited crews Guffawing on All troth and fealty neatly being drowned like kittens   We dig out our exposures. empty earths from underneath Our feet; might upright have been stood against a day […]

  • What Happens to All the Mayhem

    Cantor and Mentor; what becomes of sin After your hand, O holy Christ, has entered in? After a grimy board is wiped, and pristine once again   When Love triumphant burnishes a savage soul.   How might that load of ugliness be shent, or go Down to the devils contemplating spitefulness below Or turns it […]

  • Songs and Tunes I Recall (2)

    I wrote in the first of this series of pieces on Songs and Tunes about the rise of idealism as expressed in social conscience and consciousness of larger and unwieldy political issues; about how the big issue of The Cold War and its threat of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) was taken up by Barry Macguire in […]

  • The Problem of Evil

    “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him”. 2 Corinthians 5:21 “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us”. Galatians 3.13 Having been as if I had been in a […]

  • Songs and Tunes I Recall (1)

    Let’s begin with Barry Macguire, whose single popular song with which I am acquainted seemed to me, and looking back yet seems to me, to typify strongly one impressive aspect of life for most people during the nineteen sixties and seventies. This aspect was called The Cold War. There were at least two occasions during […]

  • Life-aims in Purgatory

    I am sure of God Of Him I am certain . Piddling, meddling, concupiscence of dreamers curtain Interfere Obscure, adhere   Their super-glued tight sticking plaster scraps Over wet wounds which otherwise would heal Paste aspirational goals As like some invalided well-advanced diabetes Burdens the whole   In such things I am sure slick schemers […]

  • “What a piece of work is man… how noble in reason…”

    Shakespeare’s encomium on humanity which he put into the mouth of his Hamlet: “What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! how infinite in faculties! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon […]

  • A Deeper Look than Perception

    There is a weekly newspaper from an organisation named The Salvation Army, and it is called The War Cry. As anyone reasonably conversant with British history will understand; the name of the organisation and of the weekly are both indicative of their origins; and that they were created here in the UK first during the […]

  • “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”

    What does this mean? Jesus’ words here are difficult to interpret singly; as having a sole and lone meaning; definitively so. They contain so much meaning they act to confuse a reader of them; because meanings which a person might derive from them are able to permutate by means of overlap; and thereby they multiply […]

  • Paradise Lost – An Epic Poem (3) – by John Milton

    Part 1 of Paradise Lost Part 2 of Paradise Lost __________________________________________________________ John Milton lived through a most tumultuous period in English history. He saw in his youth the procession of events and tensions which led to The English Civil War breaking out; the king versus parliament; the Anglican hierarchy against The Puritan non-conformists; know more commonly as […]

  • Vestiges

    Having no star to reach for; nor no landscape of a sake; No avatar to preach over, hence no scope to cultivate; Failure cuts up desire; forever Christ hangs-on His trace A portent daily   A social whirl redounds applause; its danse macabre pastiche Of scarecrow partner existential fairy step and creep Propels each man […]

  • Old Mortality

    He’s not fashionable. Almost forgotten in the sense that few people read him these days. He has a Main Terminus Railway Station named after his first novel-writing success; a central monument in his home metropolis; and even an eponym known by people all over the world: The Wizard of the North. In his own times […]

  • Foreigner Policy

    I used to fry up, thunder forth, hot turmoils in my brain Sat sedentary galloping, hell-bent on sharing pain Unheedful that a comity might help me to obtain A better company   Unheedful too of a mainline destination: Where terminates express thoughts and begins dear consolation A holy Bosphorus As Darius did cross A bell, […]

  • License to Kill

    “The wages of sin is death”   I gifted freedom to you and you tortured Him Extracted all His greedy sweetmeat marrowbone Devoured; with mouths overrunning, ooze like honeycomb Exacted, wreaked; replete wholesale commodity.   That life is to the young is no controversy And eld should shrink back, give due place, it is so, […]

  • Anti-globalism or A Spade?

      Newsnight is glozing over what is happening? Or are these shifts a matter of alignments On other tracks than used to draw assignments Of hopes in votes of principle? Or seemingly? It was too shameful to admit to expediency. Like sailing boats we turn, the breeze shall make us tack Following the winds of […]

  • Morning: early in the year

      Day began: in coming to my mind, sweet honeycomb, Warm barley, on the bed, in blanket sunshine Enfolding over With quiet dreams the morning always brings to hand As like a child’s most fascinated curious toys For showing off   No wintry cough Today no nether depth of frost; all gone, absent Into that […]

  • Thoughts on the Coming of Spring

      Now as the turning of the year repairs To drink at Mother Nature’s reservoirs And February’s days like morning chanticleres Proclaim the earliest presents of a spring With snowdrops nodding lowly on a lin   As blackbird whistles, gathering up a nest, And marvellously bespeaks perforce revivings in the west Right glad at having […]

  • Paradise Lost (2) – An Epic Poem – written by John Milton

      We saw in Part 1 that the poets Robert Burns and William Blake, each in his own right a giant of English/Scottish literature, found that their sympathies in the poem Paradise Lost lay with the Adversary Satan and not with the hero Christ or with His Almighty Father. And isn’t this natural? For we […]

  • History is Drunk

      What is it we are looking for within the truth? A comfort a concession we are surely right About that version soothing best the avid rancour, As icy roads will overturn a skidding tanker Our slips, involuntary acidentals, Our incidents, insoluble credentials Which make the judgement, carry on concern Do fleas supply those answers, […]

  • The Sphere of Music

      Music’s art draws upon the scope and figure Divined by thought behind high cosmic fires Whose dancing lights glittering at nights, arrayed Subordinate us to a more-than Solomon His rule and compass   Darkness between the lights sets off a counterpoint Inbuilt: colludes in harmonies revolving love’s display, And fashioned off His hand who […]

  • An End of January

      A dazzling drop of dew throws down its glassy smile; Hangs leafy-slung a shiver uttering trembling light As if by nervous wavering shook about; a slight perturbance And a living thing   The sheer, the very hereness of the natural state High heavenly high above a blue sky sweeps Wields spears, wears wisps Crossed […]

  • Paradise Lost (1) – An Epic Poem – written by John Milton (1608 – 1674)

      When this epic poem was deemed relevant to one’s life and culture by that sliver of the population which over the generations subsequent to its composition had successively interested themselves in such things; in poetry and in culture and in Christian things; all of which things and their sliver of followers these days are […]

  • Waiting Mode

      Life in a sad and waiting mode for life to cease Thing with a watch to keep and time to crease Tired of the old defects one should police To hold one’s own   Has piled on years, its outlook like a heavy steel Heart-sinker which details one’s final bed Weary and half enamoured […]

  • Press Radio Buttons

    I have written elsewhere about how a fairly conscientious person is able to work to train herself into good habits and out of bad ones. I have written of the value of regularity of routines for helping in this habit self-training. The fact of this ability in humans to some extent ‘program’ themselves reveals that […]

  • Passed Through the Fires

    Passed through the fires unknowing this the heat Unanswerable; the conflict and confusions matter Nothing, smoulder inexplicably. All cautions, Alarms, stand unapplied, no needs-for felt, For basement footing, handles, steering bars Might counterweight, reduce downgrade the consternation Misplaced before the fact   Hardly act one begun and we yet very young Are running in the […]

  • “And He shall Guide you into All Truth”

    “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak;” I would think, were I a non-Christian, I would have big issues with the implications of this statement of Jesus’. A non-Christian sees […]

  • The Seductions of Power

    Why does the movie car chase; the movie tough guy like de Niro and Statham; the guy or girl who stays cool and gives as good as they get; all this; why does it draw us to it; what is at work here? Why do warplanes and large weaponry like aircraft carriers and strike jets; […]

  • Destiny

    There’s a TV show in eight parts which completed last night and I was watching it. About King Alfred of England; national hero, who ‘saved’ England from being completely overrun by Danes – Vikings. Alfred is known to have been a devout Christian as well as having been a redoubted warrior and strategist. History has […]

  • Physician Heal Thyself

    The NHS, now its own A&E Dept Casualty, Lay on a trolley haemorrhaging resources Banknotes for sticking plasters peeling away Into bloodthirsty hands   Hands looking out a slice of liver here Or there a desirous delicacy, plucked fingers Palming a payroll impudent predators For gain rip out Guts and preparing piping, devilled luncheons Griddled […]

  • Universal Suffrage

    “O, Thou that in the heavens dost dwell Who as it pleases best Thysel Send one to heasven and ten to hell All for Thy glory And no’ for any guid or ill They’ve done before Thee” Robert Burns wrote that stanza to introduce his satire poem ‘Holy Willie’s Prayer’. Holy Willie is a Calvinist; […]

  • A Deed of No Consequence

    Am I mistaken in believing that one’s life in the world is arranged so as to offer back to one in some way, at some time, consequences for actions taken by one, even some of which maybe thought of at the time of their doing as actions of no consequence? Is this an illusion I […]

  • After the Feast

    Twelfth Night, the fir tree end-up in a bin Awaiting there garbage men, needles provoking A green rebellion at this signal disposition; The feast all done.   All things receded normal; ‘normal’ being polite Procrastination, for a Christmas never come Only the presents and the fireworks showed The mighty dinners the frantic party rolls; They […]

  • TV Jane Austen

    A complete 6 episode dramatised TV serialisation of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice was shown – as a repeat – on TV yesterday. All afternoon.  Dipping into and out of its showing during the course of the day I made some observations on the dramatisation. I thought I’d share them with you? Some of […]

  • Pursuits Involving Doing Nothing

    Here is today a meditation class – Promises, promises, salve omnibus!   And here a cruise ship enterprise; it sails Come all aboard! Nirvana!   Here is the art which offers empty packages As fulsome repetitions regally consigned Able on label, to make late life exotic Draws most demotic   Sameness the touchstone, to inclinations […]

  • The Reformation Symphony

    Mendelssohn; a child prodigy; composer by 19 years of his astonishing Incidental Music to A Midsummer Night’s Dream; with an Overture  which a college colleague of mine damned at first hearing as ‘Radio 2 music’ – Radio 2 being a middle of the road easy listening radio station in the UK, and playing the more […]

  • Faded Copies

      Drawing on Bank of Tomorrow’s expectations, Rested contentedly, brings on hopes agreeable Teaching us manners to draw on No-tomorrow’s Bank’s tangled contraband   Here is an advertising offer offered for amusement A cross stitch; hardly a thriving thing surviving; art Fetched from sear dusty death, a former age, surmised To turn as quaint   […]

  • Oh, How I Love the World

    Oh, how I love the world, and how I’ll miss The kiss of slaty shower clouds moistening a grass Each drop of excesses of moisture gift to greet The coming day   Beginnings are a shrouded sun come up, More than half-hidden sparse in weathered clothes Hardly defeating mists of fogs by winter rays; The […]

  • Sighted Unsighted 

               A botanist would know, might tell me what this is A rough dry calx, a ball surounding leafy shoots, This close I had not seen the like of such before, Or understood   How ignorant of observation I by nature was; Have acquiesced in, careless to inquire By sense or […]

  • Big Issue

    Here is a woman tells me of her child And loitering in a street beside a grocer’s store Indigent sells cheap magazines to make ends meet One step from beggary, two steps from dearth   She weaves her tale around a bare contingency Ailing in care her six weeks child resides Her feigning years incongruous […]

  • I Saw a Rose on Christmas Day

    I saw a rose on Christmas Day Bending to bloom over a garden hedge Lending the winter glooms a softer edge And a tender spray   Remembering me upon the earth beneath Of vital strength and power-for-life divine Defence of germs of springtime from harsh strifes Presage of leaf and shine   A single rose […]

  • Christmas Special

    “Ex-Python Eric Idle and Brian Cox to take on The Entire Universe for the BBC” http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2016/eric-idle-christmas-special-brian-cox The question to be asked, after my having seen this show, is; whether it was appropriate, suitable, viewing for Christmas television? True something has to be broadcast in the place of the Christmas message; I mean The Nativity and […]

  • Baby Boomers

    My friend and mentor Rodney Chambers told me a long, long time ago about a Soviet Russian student he had met when he was at Oxbridge. The Russian had entered the UK in the 1960s as a staunch anti-westerner and man of the people and The Party. By a very near interval the Soviet, as […]

  • Christmas Devalued

    There are a thousand and more instances, examples, of how Christmas is devalued by commercial usage of its importance; its occurrence; its potential.  Little I can say on it that I and many others have not said and are yet saying and which demonstrates this. In the same way works once considered artistic triumphs are […]

  • Between: No Meeting

    He speaks not a word of God English his only fluent language halts Being lame, a dialect of no numbers; A people, and no people, only populations Whose God is a foolish word to spin, a bummer Word, that packs no concrete force No hard content like motorway, or pay-packet Or classy saloon car Just […]

  • Music Speech and Dreams

    It struck me, whilst listening recently to an interesting piece of music that a root human psychological response to music is akin to the experience one has when one is dreaming. That when one is following in one’s mind a thread of harmonic orchestrated melody; and one is responding constantly mentally to its changes of […]

  • ’Snow Christmas

    ’Snow Christmas ’Snow nothin’s Hit the spot of Christmastime this year ’Snow wonder Under the lightly laid-on fest veneer Curled at the edges where the gum is peeling freely Its contact off, the substitute beneath revealing A man-made new material had at lower cost; Its substance; and the surface cover only So’s it looks nice […]

  • Leisured Lies: Part 2

    Immense resources are being invested in and used by higher educational establishments here in the UK.  I have witnessed several proud boasts of elaborate and hugely extensive, very generous laboratory facilities entirely dedicated to establishing a nearer truth of historical situations.  One such, is the Mary Rose Tudor ship renovation project, which is having nil […]

  • Potassium  

      Here’s a short piece about the largely hidden from view interdependency and integral nature of ‘things in general’. A bit vague I know, but my aim is to shed a little light on how things are as they are, and how thus they are not radically different to as they are, and so to […]

  • Leisured Lies

      Last night I watched a TV show called ‘Digging for Britain’; a new show which attempts a new format archaeology magazine and clearly as a replacement for the long running commercial television show ‘Time Team’. Firstly I think the title of the new show is worth a mention; ‘Digging for Britain’.  Just as it […]

  • A House Divided

      Forfeits to fortune the wind-of-change guys clown around Flounders of flunked awareness Suited-up conjurers on affairs, fair-weather janglers-on about Intent, which way to go, as if it meant, They had a handle on a grateful door: Nowise at all, but widdershins Expansive seers serve full-surround discursive thinks, God’s laws attenuating, dispossessing missing links Their […]

  • Candied or Candid

      Candidates for the ride come to conviction thus: Everyone’s taking hidings travelling Babylon’s big bus, Facing the tensions and extensions strained beyond to bust Mistaking and forsaking scoring errors on account   Of easy-yokings, burdens light, in delinquent gaudy clouts Wearing out penitentiary stripes that dazzle, discompose; Consorting with Cupid conscience’s playground somersaults And […]

  • ‘The Order of Society is Maintained by Proper Worship of God’

    “People of the Covenant”: Flanders, Crapps, Smith: Oxford 1988: p.78 We think we know something about sociology and psychology; about what makes people tick and about motive, means and opportunity and so forth.  My title citation is taken from a summary of The Pentateuch – which is the first five books of The Old Testament; […]

  • Magniloquence

    It comes so easy to the great ones The Chrysostoms Those whom the ages reluctant to forget Create our specula A mighty Marlowe, Spenser so mellifluous With matter too – something to say – that grit That Dylan had that made himself a platform No washed up grubby laundries’ parley politics, But touch the nerve […]

  • Why am I so Deterred by ‘High’ Catholicism?

      I guess in a phrase it is the over-egging the cake I find off-putting.  I feel a certain claustrophobia coming on when I begin reading many of the Catholic saints’ writings.  Their intensity is overwhelmingly suffocating to me. Now as being a person from the Anglican tradition, with a moderately powerful streak of Puritanism […]

  • Litter and Birdsong

    All nature’s cycles vitally by purgings go around But men’s; Even a dog’s pooh wishes well the ocean beds Pressed out of the earth we came, our litter likewise parades In our own image To straiten, strew, the streets uncouth-like, slatternly Where fare bright spindliest flower-shows brightly-weeding walls Also, here what we call Vermin careering […]

  • Pathetique

    Racked, stretched out prone on a cross of hectic passion Large music plays you; welcomes through cruel iron Gates wit-hung, levered open Come Hector-like: Tchaikovsky battle-cries ring agonistes Horns rail out; brass supplies terse anabasis march Its deluge overwhelms, and posturing Hands caught-up, flail and flourish, beating eggs The unreasonable neuroses fester clues; derive imports […]

  • Christmas Letter 2016

    Here I offer you my friend Philip’s Christmas 2016 Letter written to his flock – Philip is a priest – and I felt it good to share this piece with you. Peter  Dear Friends Once again whilst we weren’t looking and when we were busy with something that seemed quite important at the time, Christmas […]

  • A Mirror up to Nature: Life as Recreational Activity

      The contention of this piece is that in the rich nations of the world daily life for many people, too many people, is become for the most part a recreational activity, rather than there being otherwise a sense of ‘by the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat.’ Even at a most literal level this […]

  • Junk and Circumspect

    Computer chair in a skip today Charity shop twenty yards away Town filled; and milled like mid-Victorian waifs The undeserving interspersed to swell the waits Penny for the guy The sly, the needy, the ganga hungry greedy All in a haul like a traffic overspill Of cardboard men; a few unseen women Hardly half-hardy some; […]

  • Performance

    Being someone else? it’s quite enough Being one, oneself, without a carried onus Of others’ loss and bothers, others’ troughs And eyes to cry in, and espy in what The world obeys On those old ways Whereby we’d like to kid ourselves and trade Pet dreams of cardboard pyramidic schemes To prop our fervours; one […]

  • Hints and Wrinkles

    Out of the lift arises up a splendid sun And the morning it is splendid filled with pranked array Small things on flowerlets woken up depending hang and play And no constraint The front house wall is warming keeping in its heat Cars revving madly clattering run along the peopled street All to the naked […]

  • ‘The Power and the Beauty in Looking Different’ – Tracey Emin

      Tracey Emin is attempting to alter the customary, orthodox, understanding and perception of beauty. It looks as if not so much as to extend it but rather to replace it; to displace it. There’s a TV show on soon in which she is to present an array of people; all of whom are strikingly […]

  • The Discontent With Politicians

      Both sides of the Atlantic, in Britain and in the USA there is a widespread feeling and a pretty commonplace observation being voiced regularly by anyone concerned with politics; that the people, those of us who vote and so collectively put politicians in power – or keep them out – are disenchanted with our […]

  • From Fear to Eternity

      The Anglo-American poet T S Eliot moved from being in his youth a deeply disillusioned idealist observing the world as a cynic and as a pessimist; and him feeling that life was hollow and superficial and ghastly without ultimate value. Yet he moved within a space of 30 years from this point of despair […]

  • Control and Other Related Pathologies: 2

    Thinking without Restraints The heart of this people is become hard of belief and provoking, they are revolted and gone away A famous man once said; Read over your compositions, and where ever you meet with a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out. As a general rule of life, not only […]

  • Registers

      Language carries a variety of registers within its expression and composition into works. The Letter to the Hebrews begins famously: ‘God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed […]

  • Control and Related Psychopathologies

      Power as Control A working definition of a Sovereign State is ‘an Institution which is able legitimately to use force upon its citizens.’  This definition of course extends itself to the extremities of the rights of Sovereign States in order to make good its validity. It defines the Sovereign State by way of the […]

  • The Language of Public Life

    ‘Will you won’t you, will you won’t you Won’t you join the dance?’ The problem is not limited to language; language and how it is used in Public Life in our daily business expresses all that is unhealthy, not to say corrupt, about our Public Life.  Today more than ever the assumed ‘new politics’ of […]

  • It’s Not the Immigrants: We’re the Problem!

    As I’ve said before more than once, many immigrants coming here (and this is in my own personal everyday experience) are setting up home, as young families; and apparently with every intention to put down roots here.  Their standards and their outlooks and sense of due regard are at least the equal of ours. Their […]

  • The Language of Decline

    Now I guess old people are always banging on about how things were better once; about how things are in decline and standards are deteriorating; it goes with the territory of being past one’s sell-by date. One of my admired authors George Orwell, whose own prose was marvellously clear and free from blemishes, had a […]

  • Trite Expectations

    ‘The sacred conversations seem to me better than has ever been allowed……..The high level of abstraction: the sustained abstention from imagery, except the very simplest and least sensuous: the calm freedom from unresolved emotional expressions: all these qualities now arouse distaste in readers whose formal demands are at once narrow and sensational. But Milton’s fit […]

  • …….and God Planted a Garden in the East…..

    So the Book of Genesis.  Adam and Eve were prepared a place to live by God planting for them a garden. God planted it. So it was laid out for their use by him, a gift of love; and so was not like a forest or a piece of wild and natural ground.  It was […]

  • ‘Not Hers Who Brings it Nightly to My Ear………….’

    ‘……………….higher argument Remains, sufficient of itself to raise That name, unless an age too late, or cold Climate, or years, damp my intended wing Depressed; and much they may if all be mine, Not Hers who brings it nightly to my ear.’  This citation is John Milton speaking in his own person in Book 1 […]

  • Every Grief Mourns the Loss of a Great Joy

    I wanted in the first place to write some more about Intellectual Property Rights; then in the second place I wanted to write some more about using scientific language; then in the third place I wanted to write something about the twin siblings Joy and Grief.  These wants in me to write queued up upon […]

  • A Violated Pair of Shoes

    Sometime during 2015 I wrote about curiosity; and about how curiosity is too often lauded and praised as an unqualified good thing and a virtue for a person to possess.  One meets such across the board encouragement of curiosity broadly being promulgated by influential persons towards younger and/or aspiring persons; and very particularly in the […]

  • The Gospel of St. John Chapter 14

    The Gospel of St. John Chapter 14 is a remarkable historical document. Herein Jesus of Nazareth speaks plainly; no holds barred, nothing held back; and he takes pains to explain to his disciples about his and their futures; on earth and in heaven. The important things he says in John 14 are: God the Father, […]

  • Where Egos Draw

    ‘….wherever the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together’  A radio show, a series which looks at the lives of late prominent people, and which discusses their life’s work and achievement, in a space of a half-hour, was my listening yesterday. Yesterday the life of Marshall Rosenberg was the topic for celebration.  Rosenberg […]

  • A Box of Delights

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell%27s_paradox Let R be the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. If R is not a member of itself, then its definition dictates that it must contain itself, and if it contains itself, then it contradicts its own definition as the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. This contradiction is Russell’s […]