• fact-or-fiction

    ‘The Order of Society is Maintained by Proper Worship of God’

    “People of the Covenant”: Flanders, Crapps, Smith: Oxford 1988: p.78 We think we know something about sociology and psychology; about what makes people tick and about motive, means and opportunity and so forth.  My title citation is taken from a summary of The Pentateuch – which is the first five books of The Old Testament; […]

  • pictogram


    It comes so easy to the great ones The Chrysostoms Those whom the ages reluctant to forget Create our specula A mighty Marlowe, Spenser so mellifluous With matter too – something to say – that grit That Dylan had that made himself a platform No washed up grubby laundries’ parley politics, But touch the nerve […]

  • inactivity

    Why am I so Deterred by ‘High’ Catholicism?

      I guess in a phrase it is the over-egging the cake I find off-putting.  I feel a certain claustrophobia coming on when I begin reading many of the Catholic saints’ writings.  Their intensity is overwhelmingly suffocating to me. Now as being a person from the Anglican tradition, with a moderately powerful streak of Puritanism […]

  • nebuchadnezzar-tate-collection

    Litter and Birdsong

    All nature’s cycles vitally by purgings go around But men’s; Even a dog’s pooh wishes well the ocean beds Pressed out of the earth we came, our litter likewise parades In our own image To straiten, strew, the streets uncouth-like, slatternly Where fare bright spindliest flower-shows brightly-weeding walls Also, here what we call Vermin careering […]

  • pathetique


    Racked, stretched out prone on a cross of hectic passion Large music plays you; welcomes through cruel iron Gates wit-hung, levered open Come Hector-like: Tchaikovsky battle-cries ring agonistes Horns rail out; brass supplies terse anabasis march Its deluge overwhelms, and posturing Hands caught-up, flail and flourish, beating eggs The unreasonable neuroses fester clues; derive imports […]

  • philip-christmas-2016

    Christmas Letter 2016

    Here I offer you my friend Philip’s Christmas 2016 Letter written to his flock – Philip is a priest – and I felt it good to share this piece with you. Peter  Dear Friends Once again whilst we weren’t looking and when we were busy with something that seemed quite important at the time, Christmas […]

  • tattoo

    A Mirror up to Nature: Life as Recreational Activity

      The contention of this piece is that in the rich nations of the world daily life for many people, too many people, is become for the most part a recreational activity, rather than there being otherwise a sense of ‘by the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat.’ Even at a most literal level this […]

  • ian_hislop_workers-or-shirkers_3

    Junk and Circumspect

    Computer chair in a skip today Charity shop twenty yards away Town filled; and milled like mid-Victorian waifs The undeserving interspersed to swell the waits Penny for the guy The sly, the needy, the ganga hungry greedy All in a haul like a traffic overspill Of cardboard men; a few unseen women Hardly half-hardy some; […]

  • performance


    Being someone else? it’s quite enough Being one, oneself, without a carried onus Of others’ loss and bothers, others’ troughs And eyes to cry in, and espy in what The world obeys On those old ways Whereby we’d like to kid ourselves and trade Pet dreams of cardboard pyramidic schemes To prop our fervours; one […]

  • rain-shadow

    Hints and Wrinkles

    Out of the lift arises up a splendid sun And the morning it is splendid filled with pranked array Small things on flowerlets woken up depending hang and play And no constraint The front house wall is warming keeping in its heat Cars revving madly clattering run along the peopled street All to the naked […]

  • Woman Depressed. Series

    ‘The Power and the Beauty in Looking Different’ – Tracey Emin

      Tracey Emin is attempting to alter the customary, orthodox, understanding and perception of beauty. It looks as if not so much as to extend it but rather to replace it; to displace it. There’s a TV show on soon in which she is to present an array of people; all of whom are strikingly […]

  • gluttony

    The Discontent With Politicians

      Both sides of the Atlantic, in Britain and in the USA there is a widespread feeling and a pretty commonplace observation being voiced regularly by anyone concerned with politics; that the people, those of us who vote and so collectively put politicians in power – or keep them out – are disenchanted with our […]

  • armageddon

    From Fear to Eternity

      The Anglo-American poet T S Eliot moved from being in his youth a deeply disillusioned idealist observing the world as a cynic and as a pessimist; and him feeling that life was hollow and superficial and ghastly without ultimate value. Yet he moved within a space of 30 years from this point of despair […]

  • walnut

    Control and Other Related Pathologies: 2

    Thinking without Restraints The heart of this people is become hard of belief and provoking, they are revolted and gone away A famous man once said; Read over your compositions, and where ever you meet with a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out. As a general rule of life, not only […]

  • cash-register


      Language carries a variety of registers within its expression and composition into works. The Letter to the Hebrews begins famously: ‘God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed […]

  • fist

    Control and Related Psychopathologies

      Power as Control A working definition of a Sovereign State is ‘an Institution which is able legitimately to use force upon its citizens.’  This definition of course extends itself to the extremities of the rights of Sovereign States in order to make good its validity. It defines the Sovereign State by way of the […]

  • dark_money_2012

    The Language of Public Life

    ‘Will you won’t you, will you won’t you Won’t you join the dance?’ The problem is not limited to language; language and how it is used in Public Life in our daily business expresses all that is unhealthy, not to say corrupt, about our Public Life.  Today more than ever the assumed ‘new politics’ of […]

  • are-these-people-white2

    It’s Not the Immigrants: We’re the Problem!

    As I’ve said before more than once, many immigrants coming here (and this is in my own personal everyday experience) are setting up home, as young families; and apparently with every intention to put down roots here.  Their standards and their outlooks and sense of due regard are at least the equal of ours. Their […]

  • planetmyopia0003-vi

    The Language of Decline

    Now I guess old people are always banging on about how things were better once; about how things are in decline and standards are deteriorating; it goes with the territory of being past one’s sell-by date. One of my admired authors George Orwell, whose own prose was marvellously clear and free from blemishes, had a […]

  • platoaristotle-768x413

    Trite Expectations

    ‘The sacred conversations seem to me better than has ever been allowed……..The high level of abstraction: the sustained abstention from imagery, except the very simplest and least sensuous: the calm freedom from unresolved emotional expressions: all these qualities now arouse distaste in readers whose formal demands are at once narrow and sensational. But Milton’s fit […]

  • but323-1-1-cpd-300

    …….and God Planted a Garden in the East…..

    So the Book of Genesis.  Adam and Eve were prepared a place to live by God planting for them a garden. God planted it. So it was laid out for their use by him, a gift of love; and so was not like a forest or a piece of wild and natural ground.  It was […]

  • particles

    ‘Not Hers Who Brings it Nightly to My Ear………….’

    ‘……………….higher argument Remains, sufficient of itself to raise That name, unless an age too late, or cold Climate, or years, damp my intended wing Depressed; and much they may if all be mine, Not Hers who brings it nightly to my ear.’  This citation is John Milton speaking in his own person in Book 1 […]

  • 352676_old_ball_and_chain_series_31-640x480

    Every Grief Mourns the Loss of a Great Joy

    I wanted in the first place to write some more about Intellectual Property Rights; then in the second place I wanted to write some more about using scientific language; then in the third place I wanted to write something about the twin siblings Joy and Grief.  These wants in me to write queued up upon […]

  • e14a374d2de11a2e9e01da4ef76a4b97

    A Violated Pair of Shoes

    Sometime during 2015 I wrote about curiosity; and about how curiosity is too often lauded and praised as an unqualified good thing and a virtue for a person to possess.  One meets such across the board encouragement of curiosity broadly being promulgated by influential persons towards younger and/or aspiring persons; and very particularly in the […]

  • father-and-son-shield-slice

    The Gospel of St. John Chapter 14

    The Gospel of St. John Chapter 14 is a remarkable historical document. Herein Jesus of Nazareth speaks plainly; no holds barred, nothing held back; and he takes pains to explain to his disciples about his and their futures; on earth and in heaven. The important things he says in John 14 are: God the Father, […]

  • strum

    Where Egos Draw

    ‘….wherever the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together’  A radio show, a series which looks at the lives of late prominent people, and which discusses their life’s work and achievement, in a space of a half-hour, was my listening yesterday. Yesterday the life of Marshall Rosenberg was the topic for celebration.  Rosenberg […]

  • 9ll6u

    A Box of Delights

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell%27s_paradox Let R be the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. If R is not a member of itself, then its definition dictates that it must contain itself, and if it contains itself, then it contradicts its own definition as the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. This contradiction is Russell’s […]

  • 5982332b9bd579f95fac819f56cd93cc

    Myth and Authority

    Possibly the most solid brick wall a mind faces having to break through is the brick wall of unconsidered and semi-conscious assent to authority and it standing over above a person. Firstly, and importantly, when the question is laid bare to a person, as to why s/he believes in the authority of such and such; […]

  • A woman wearing a mask walk through a street covered by dense smog in Harbin, China.

    The Subsistence of Thought

    In my latest piece I wrote about how our eyes and ears and other senses inform our minds so that they can interpret objects according to those objects’ purposes and their structures. I gave an example of an object of this kind –  which we humans name an ordinary dining table. Natural features likewise get […]

  • wayditch-score-excerpt

    ‘Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on……’

    The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen Turns them to shapes and gives to aery nothing A local habitation and a name. The poet turns into things, items which were once nothing.  Today we term this kind of conjuring trick: The Creative Industries. Well, using this terminology of The Creative Industries, I want to […]

  • ‘Sheer o’er the Crystal Battlements he fell…..’

    ‘For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.’   The Oxford Study Bible interprets The Fall of Man as this is told in The Book of Genesis right at the front few chapters of The Bible, […]

  • A Procuress  c. 1530 Lucas Cranach, the Elder (1472-1553/German) Georgian Fine Art Museum, Tiflis

    Lottery Blues

    Some guys local to me – 20 to 30 miles away – a family – won £66 million on the Euromillions lottery yesterday – Thursday 4 August. Now they elected to have their names revealed to the public – and a special event was arranged on TV at which the family was present and members […]


    The Set of All Sets

    This article is about working out whether there is a God; by trying out explanations applied to everyday problems. Some things we speak of don’t make sense when we look at them reasonably. Like the description of an experience as having been ‘bittersweet’ for us.  If we chop this expression up logically, we know that […]

  • newqubitcont

    What’s the Matter?

    What might be the bedrock nature of material things?  It is generally accepted they are made of atoms; that these atoms are constituted of sub-atomic particles; but what might be the common content or structure of these sub atomic particles?  Maybe there is more than one such common content? But let’s assume one for our […]

  • lost-in-chaos-paulo-guimaraes

    Strangers in a Strange Land

    ‘Say to the fearful of heart:     Be strong, do not fear! Here is your God,     he comes with vindication; With divine recompense     he comes to save you.  Then the eyes of the blind shall see,     and the ears of the deaf be opened; Then the lame shall leap like a stag,     and the mute tongue […]

  • primordial_soup

    More on Evolution

    There is a question about the origins and provenance of the characteristic of living things called reproduction.  One aspect of the question might be stated as being: how did reproduction in living things begin?  One might adventure: did a single celled simple life form merely just split in half spontaneously – and thus reproduction was […]

  • metropolis-lang-2-1024x739

    Do we have to keep on Shopping to stay Wealthy and Healthy? Not Wise

    This looks to me like it is the premise, the basic understanding, on which our economy is built, and by which it continues to survive;  and within its own terms of success,  continues to thrive. The choice we appear to be being given is to live as did our ancestors, and make things last, and […]

  • morland_05_762596c

    Before Pilate

    There is a slightly obscure, undeservedly so, Russian novel, titled ‘The Master and Margarita’ by an unfortunate and late Soviet writer, Mikhail Bulgakov.  The novel is fantastical and bizarre, featuring, a cat called Behemoth, and a most dandy and gentlemanly Devil, and the character of the title ‘The Master’ himself, dwells in an asylum for […]

  • incantations cover brown.indd

    Something on The Origins of Poetry

    This is only my surmise; I have no proof but only what I believe to be evidence.  The contention is that poetry was an evolution which came out of casting verbal spells; that is, out of ancient peoples doing what we’d call, and probably disdain as being, magic. I also suspect that verbal spells and […]

  • deathmus-pos-catrino-dandy

    Surrogation Addiction

    Psalm 12: ‘The wicked strut about on every side/When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.’ The Second Coming: ‘The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity’ Jesus Christ: ‘Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them […]

  • 7529291-the-road-less-travelled-stock-photo

    The Non-Electric Universe

    There is a curious correlation between a powerful possibility that our science of physics turned onto a branch line some hundred years ago, and the great political turmoils we are experiencing almost globally right now. The thesis of this piece is that physics became the doyen amongst the sciences at the turn of the 20th […]

  • Harmonica

    Life Stories

    Around people whose name lifts to prominence in the regard of public awareness accrete histories and life stories of folk tale kinds, often anecdotal, often celebratory or shocking; or both. Chopin and George Sand as an item perhaps; or else, Elvis maybe, truck driver, stopping off at Sun Records? I want to consider stories like […]

  • Yes

    ‘Salvation is of the Jews’ – St Paul

    Jesus Christ in his Incarnation was a Jew.  His appointed ambassador to the Gentiles (non-Jews) was St Paul, formerly called Saul, a Jew who made appeal to his lineage and to his devotion to the religion he had been born into, before and after his sea-change into the disciple of Christ on the Damascus road. […]

  • FightFireWithFire

    In the Interim: The Power of the Enemy Against Itself

      Right-reason tells all with conscience of the necessity of the Kingdom. ‘Thy Kingdom Come….’ is the prayer on the lips and at the inmost hearts of many; some of whom have never picked up a Bible, or else who pick up a Koran or a Talmud; and they wish it equally by means of […]

  • faustus

    Bespoke off-the-peg Learning

    Full sized posters advertising the production and supply of customised essays to university students were reported to Transport for London who today removed them. They had been pasted up in London subway platforms at places in the Tube network which are close by to that city’s seats of learning. A statistic was bandied about along […]

  • Sentences and Objects

    Sentences and Objects

    In English grammar every sentence has to have a subject and an object; otherwise it is not a sentence. A sentence is the smallest unit of cogent communication in a language. When a string of words is less than a sentence; its sense is incomplete and so unintelligible.  It is a line of words in a muddle. […]

  • mini-1975-abba

    Fashion and Judgement

    In the very idea of fashion is change. What is top banana today is nowhere six months down the line in the fashion world.  Fashions come and they go.  Fashion affects a number of things. Designs of clothes and of cars; choice of house or location of abode; even crime has its waves and its […]

  • floridacowboys188

    Why not Science?

    I want to keep this one simple. I want to show as plainly as I am able to do, and to show to ordinary people, who have ordinary lives and aspirations, that the Truth – whatever it might be – is more than science; and more than science can deal with. First ask yourself whether […]

  • nothing-new

    Some Fugitive Thoughts

    Having looked into this, and come to a conclusion, I believe the things being said in these blog articles, and their scope and ideas, are things which have been lighted on repeatedly down the ages, by one generation or another. The theme then is this: And so each venture Is a new beginning, a raid […]

  • image002

    The Last Judgement

    Is there to be such a thing? The particular cause of concern is for the consignment of ‘the goats’ once sorted from ‘the sheep’ into an everlasting perdition. It is often pretty disturbing, not to say frightening, when a Christian reads (too often) works by a sermon preacher or a devotional writer who suddenly fires […]

  • The Pathos of Angst

    ‘I have my books And my poetry to protect me; I am shielded in my armour, Hiding in my room; safe within my womb I touch no-one and no-one touches me I am a rock I am an island And a rock feels no pain And an island never cries’ ‘I am a Rock’: lyric […]

  • 2004-Ayagoddess-1ww


    A lot of hype is published and taught about listening.  Much of this hype’s trajectory carries with it implicitly that a listener ought to park to one side all her critical faculties and then absorb verbatim, in so far as she is able to, what is being spoken to her. The relationship implied is one […]


    For the Tamil Lady

    A News Review programme on TV last night (12th Nov 2015) looked at Indian people who migrate to do domestic service work in Saudi Arabia. There is estimated over 1 million such migrants there working and come from India. They are almost all of them come from the poorer people of India, which coincides with […]

  • 540522-henley-tea-party

    Lenin’s Visceral Anger

    Anyone who has read a sentence or two of Lenin’s writings will know how ugly they are. Not merely aesthetically-speaking but also ethically and linguistically. He was not a nice man. His prose is as violent as his conduct was in life. There subsists beneath his writings, in my opinion, a visceral and constant sense […]

  • Richard Holloway – onetime Bishop of Edinburgh

    This guy has been said to ‘preach a kinder sort of atheism’.  He has endorsed with approval a saying of the kind ‘Let us live the sort of lives which make our deaths unjust’ He has termed ‘bombast’ St Paul’s words on The Judgement: ‘Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, […]


    The Billy Club Puppets – a puppet play by Federico Garcia Lorca

    Lorca is hard to get into for a first-timer.  I have been fortunate; I have had an education; but still I found Lorca hard to get things out of for some time before his ‘grace and flavour’ began to sensitise my taste buds. I began with the lyric poetry he wrote. This was because poetry […]

  • gladiator_60sec_master_2_still8

    Back to the Arena

    A typical action movie now has to show destruction: great destruction. The pressure is ever to overplus just that little more than previously, so that whole cities, continents, worlds, are in conflagration and ruin. Now and then it can get ridiculous. A hero and his partner will survive somehow in what appears to have been […]

  • hqdefault

    Some Laws of Natural Philosophy and Sir Isaac Newton (1687) Part 5

    ‘Do not Allow what is Good and True to be Spoken of ill’ – St Paul – Romans Loss or rejection of such a faculty for appreciation of figurative imagery, or of the potential to grow such a faculty, is (to use an anatomical similitude) like allowing one’s leg to be cut off.  A person […]

  • liper-formula-del-personal-branding-a-smau-padova-2015-44-638

    Some Laws of Natural Philosophy and Sir Isaac Newton (1687) Part 4

    ‘Do not Allow what is Good and True to be Spoken of ill’ – St Paul – Romans Indeed there were no other formats in which to preserve an anceient wisdom for ancient peoples, so as to lay it out in an explanatory fashion, but this is not to say that a great depth and breath of […]

  • 225meadjzh-10

    Some Laws of Natural Philosophy and Sir Isaac Newton (1687) Part 3 ‘Do not Allow what is Good and True to be Spoken of ill’ – St Paul – Romans

    If you are still with me and are still up for more discussion let me put in here a word about the ancient Hebrews and their apparent cursory dismissal of secondary causes in their scripture writings. Secondary causes are those like ‘The sun rises on the horizon every day because the earth revolves on its […]

  • r-is-light-particle-or-wave-large570

    Some Laws of Natural Philosophy and Sir Isaac Newton (1687) PART 2

      ‘Do not Allow what is Good and True to be Spoken of ill’ – St Paul – Romans Another approach to opening the mind to the utter incomprehensibility of existence and being – for this is what I am trying to convey to you who read this – is to have a discussion about […]

  • subatomic-particle

    Some Laws of Natural Philosophy and Sir Isaac Newton (1687) Part1:

    ‘Do not Allow what is Good and True to be Spoken of ill’ – St Paul – Romans I want to write about the laws of nature.  I’m not a fruitcake nor am I somewhere on cloud nine. I do not abuse substances. I say these things up front because I fear some of you […]

  • food_wasting_food_2_b_80_s

    To the Victors the Spoils

    News today from the EU – that around £1.2Bn has been set aside to help Africa and the migrant crisis. Some sobering context: £1.2Bn represents about £1 per African A deal is under consideration whereby EU nations accept Africans into Europe based on the Africans’ skills and qualifications The £1.2BN represents no real extra money […]

  • 3143345fc81f5918d0b3fcfaa9c5ed7e

    Waiting for Godot

    This piece of writing is about life and awaiting things: events; changes; expiries; permissions; queuing; taking one’s turn; anticipating; dreading; wonderment; tedium; excited; nervous; in pain; for release? Life is so vast that just one wait for just one single item is able to throw up all these and far more responses in us over […]

  • jesus-washing-feet-disciples

    Bhagavad Gita

    ‘In this world there is nothing so sublime and pure as transcendental knowledge. Such knowledge is the mature fruit of all mysticism. And one who has become accomplished in the practice of devotional service enjoys this knowledge within himself in due course of time’ (Bhagavad Gita: text 38) To the observer viewing from the outside […]

  • article-2317020-014D17160000044D-451_306x272

    Gravy Train or Mercy Dash?

    It looks like ‘people power’ pressure is mounting upon us in UK as the migrant influxes from The Middle East and Africa are seeking and are finding new ways of establishing themselves within EU boundaries; and the camped-out occupants of Calais continue to push their bids to reach UK soil. They cannot be ignored – […]

  • 2.1266327949.prison-cell-of-st-paul

    Wearing out a Welcome?

    This article is not a retraction; it is not an apology or an excuse.  Let’s say it is clarification? You wil have seen the guys who go for gated communities; or others who go off to live in the woods to form small villages there where everything provided locally from nature.  Their angles include ‘to keep […]

  • 6a0120a8cdef2c970b0133f2cdba4d970b

    This Insubstantial Pageant

    I have a friend who told me this story: A guy came knocking on his door and was an evangelist. After talking to him the guy asked permission to pray for him.  My friend later told me he laughed because the guy began ‘talking to no-one’. My friend was not the first person to be […]

  • wanderer_above_a_sea_of_mist

    The assertion of the ‘I’ over the ‘we’

    The ‘I’ is capitalised whereas the ‘we’ is lowercase; always. Assertion of the ‘I’ can take a form of imposing simple oppressive domination; the leader or the boss lording it over subordinates. It might be expressed in emergencies when the ethic suddenly transforms into ‘every one for themselves’. It might be backed by a thoroughly […]

  • homeless

    Gravy Train or Mercy Dash?

    It looks like ‘people power’ pressure is mounting upon us in UK as the migrant influxes from The Middle East and Africa are seeking and are finding new ways of establishing themselves within EU boundaries; and the camped-out occupants of Calais continue to push their bids to reach UK soil. They cannot be ignored – […]

  • world-war-1-war-dead

    BLASTED:  Being Confronted by the World

    There is a short drama written by a woman called Sarah Kane and called ‘Blasted’, which presents a view of the world as being a great dystopia. ‘Blasted’ seems to me to present a projection  of a troubled mind; as from a magnifying lens onto a screen; that of its author. Having said this however […]

  • image5

    Why don’t the God-botherers get fed-up with Reading The Bible?

    The Roman Catholic Church gives its lay followers brownie points for their reading of The Bible regularly and sufficiently:  To encourage them?  The presumption must be that numbers of their own people find it uninviting? To most of, certainly those of us outside the Christian Church, and whether or not sympathetic to the message it […]

  • angst-1469946

    The Pathos of Angst

    ‘I have my books And my poetry to protect me; I am shielded in my armour, Hiding in my room; safe within my womb I touch no-one and no-one touches me I am a rock I am an island And a rock feels no pain And an island never cries’ ‘I am a Rock’: lyric […]

  • money-money-1518532

    The Sway of Property Possession

    Ownership of an item seems to me only to be able to occur once the item in question has dropped out of circulation as it being a value-counter within the system of the means of exchange.  In other words, only when an item is on the market for sale or to buy does it take […]

  • 1193228_35828531

    They Also are Who we Are

    In a previous article (They are Who we Are) one of the universal benefits and goods which I postulated had not (yet) been universally rolled out to humankind; an omission I characterised as betokening remiss on the part of those to whom it has already been rolled out; was education. The simple argument stands: if […]

  • Grim_Reaper

    They Are Who We Are

    We know that if anything is able to be done by means of a conscious choice to do it, that that thing requires human agency for it to be done by. Even concerning work and works done via IE and robotics, a conscious human choice, perhaps and merely at the very least, at the initiation […]

  • pyramid-of-power-and-control

    Who is Responsible?

    ‘It might be the devil; or it might be the Lord But you’re going to have to serve somebody’ (From the album: ‘Slow Train Coming’- by Bob Dylan) Just who is responsible? Who is to be held to account? (‘By whom?’ – is a subsequent question for another article.) For now, we ask only whereabouts […]

  • blake

    The Control of the Agenda

    I ain’t lookin’ to compete with you Beat or cheat or mistreat you Simplify you, classify you Deny, defy or crucify you All I really want to do Is, baby, be friends with you http://www.bobdylan.com/us/songs/all-i-really-want-do#ixzz3bKKnqf4K It’s a matter of who calls the shots.  Winston Churchill, it is said, did not use public transport his whole […]



    In a recent article we looked over Curiosity and tried to sift bad sorts of it from better sorts. The same is attempted here with Comedy. Like they invented the theatre and Tragedy the Ancient Greeks also invented Comedy as a dramatic form.  (I want to go wider than Comedy as drama only in this […]

  • 911631_24785604


    The title is of course a tease. A lure. But beware, if you were attracted by the bait this article may not be for you? In one of our recent articles we wrote about The Worried Warrior, claiming that a certain level of anxious worry (angst) is commonplace and even proper to mankind.  I want […]


    Teach us to Care and not to Care / Teach us to Sit Still

    Have you heard of The Worried Warrior?  The guy or girl who is at war with the world because within a war is going on in her/his mind? This isn’t, in my opinion, necessarily a sickness, and I might have to lay claim to having all the symptoms myself? The general brush tars The Worried […]

  • 807250_93200735

    Sustaining the Ballast

    The bottom of a ship is the place where it is open to vulnerability; the place where running onto rocks will tear open a gash and sink its proud beauty.  It is also the place wherein any ballast is loaded and held so as to keep it upright, afloat and level in the water. It […]

  • 1309468_88712931

    Will Rodney Copperbottom take over?

    AI – is not a scream of pain and angst (although it might represent one that is on its way?)- it is the shortening for ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Since the early days of the Industrial Revolution (IR?) the spectre of machines and science taking over human ground has been the stuff of nightmare.  In 1818 an […]

  • 1361521_87658899

    Should I use a DMCA Takedown Service?

    DMCA is US Federal Law. It has its international equivalents such as EU Directive 2004/48/EC, which have closely similar intentions and means of operation. They are Acts of Law which cary components enabling copyright holders to self-police their intellectual property on the web. This self-policing is carried out by the use of Removal Notifications usually […]

  • 863240_34199667

    The War on Error part 2: Communities of the Heart

    Now it is a fact that to be able to see for what it mostly is the reality of the world of politics, and the game-play of much that goes for ordinary social interaction, a person has to be prepared to accept tough conclusions: To accept them into her heart and being.  There is no […]

  • 1018103_41221600

    Truth and Certainty

    Many persons consider them to be synonyms. It was Keats who wrote: several things dovetailed in my mind, and at once it struck me, what quality went to form a man of achievement especially in literature and which Shakespeare possessed so enormously – I mean Negative Capability, that is when a man is capable of […]

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    John Taylor Gatto Ultimate History Lesson Hour 1

    I’m happy to share this hour long video which was one of my inspirations in starting Metanomalies. This was produced by the folks over at Tragedy & Hope Productions.  They’ve given me permission to share this here and I’m reciprocating to them that they can share our material in their portal.

  • Statue of Ophelia (Hamlet)

    I know not seems, madam

    There is a branch of philosophy known as phenomenology. It is the study of appearances. It is naturally related to another branch called epistemology. This is the study of truth value. That might all seem a bit too high-falutin’ for you? Put simply it’s about: ‘Is what you see what you get?’ and if it […]


    The War on Error 1. What is De-radicalisation?

    This week (Feb 22-28) UK primetime news ran a story for several days as a headliner item about three schoolgirls from an East London school who had flown to Turkey and crossed into ISIS-held Syrian territories so as to offer themselves as ‘Jihadi’ brides to fighters fighting there. The girls were 15, 15, and 16 […]

  • DSC04399-B

    The Future of the Technology of Piracy Part II: Anonymous Storage

    In a previous article, we explored what it meant for a user to be perfectly anonymous and discussed technologies which have been developed to attempt an approximation to user anonymity.  In this article, we consider what it means for a file to be anonymous. Vital Characteristics of a (hypothetically) wholly anonymous storage system: Not even […]

  • photo-1416339684178-3a239570f315 (1)

    Publication of “Introduction to Professional Web Design”

    Please take a look out for our parent blog’s new article, Introduction to Professional Web Design.

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    Vendettas on Vendors: or The Laborer Worthy his Hire

    This article topic came to mind while I was taking a shower this morning.  I’ve heard it put like this from a business partner of a few years ago:  “It sucks to be a vendor.”  In case that’s not incisive enough to get his point, the topic we were discussing was: what is it to […]

  • The means to build a community

    Building communities is one of those elusive items whose exercise will need to be a regular topic of conversation at metanomalies.com.  The conundrum is: How do communities get “built”? And what are the sociological dynamics that go into the course of their building? In the contemporary world we attempt to give all such questions explicit, […]

  • What is Metanomalies?

    Before any of us gets too carried away in talking about piracy, people might think that what metanomalies.com is about is simply piracy – but its actually far more than that. Metanomalies.com is a promotional effort for Anomalist Design LLC. – emphasizing what can be described as “building communities.” It is more also. It is […]

  • The Future of the Technology of Piracy Part I: Anonymity.

    In my introduction to this series of articles I gave an overview of the broad areas that the series will be exploring.  The Article following is the first in our explorations of Technique and Technology in use in Piracy: we discuss anonymity. There is anonymity of person; and there is anonymity of transfer; and there […]

  • Introduction to the Future of Piracy Series

    [Editor’s note:  be sure to check the next part of this series The Future of the Technology of Piracy Part I: Anonymity] To predict the future is a rather bold thing to attempt.  I’m not actually such a bold person and because of this I’ll be a bit more circumspect in what I mean by […]

  • Pardon the Dust

    Hello to all, We’re preparing to publish our content and begin building our vision of a community of communities. Watch the space over the next week to see our first article on The Future of Piracy. Metanomalist